Communication Skills Over Phone

Phone is an indispensable technology in one’s life, used to communicate with others. Without a mobile phone, nobody can imagine their life. We keep on talking to friends, parents, relatives, clients, lovers and it goes on. But were you aware that there’s communication behavior in place when you talk to someone?

Communication Skills Over Phone

Guess, most of you don’t know that there’s an etiquette and style to impress the person on phone. Such communication behavior and skills are mostly known by professionals who on a day to day basis, interact with their clients and customers for business. You may think it’s too hard but you are wrong, it’s extremely easy. Keep some things in mind while you’re talking and you’re good to go.

There are certain non-verbal as well as verbal cues and skills that are maintained while speaking on phone. Let’s go through some points and learn how one should develop the idea of communicating through phones effectively, so that the impression created is not only the best, but an everlasting one as well.

1. Smile when you Speak

 It’s very necessary to smile because you can always understand the mood of the person while talking. If you regularly keep a smile on your face, the other person automatically feels accepted and makes the conversation better and the best. Smiles while communicating also brings a positive vibe in the conversation.

2. Do not interrupt every time

People often want to put their point first, well avoid that. It indicates that you‘re a dominating person and you don’t want to listen what others are speaking. Indirectly, you do not respect others and their point of view.

3. Slow down your speaking speed

Take pauses while you speak. Do not speak fast as you may end up confusing the other person on the line and your conversation will end up nowhere.  So, speak slowly and meaningfully, completing each of your sentences and ideas.

4. Accompany the second person

Taking pause doesn’t mean that the person will keep talking to himself or herself. Accompany him/her in the topic. Do not sound rude when you don’t have knowledge about the topic. Accept it and change the topic of the conversation.

5. Listen carefully

Some people just keep on bragging without knowing that other person knows more than what they know. So, in an act of over-confidence, do not portray yourself as an impulsive crazy human. Grasp what the person is saying.

Following these, you can make yourself as well as others comfortable and approachable.

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