How to Build Strong and Effective Memory: 6 Tricks/ Hacks

The human brain is a complex organ that performs many functions. Memory is one such function which is basically a process of storing, coding, encoding and retrieving information in the parts of the brain. The brain can be trained to improve this performance i.e. there are ways through which one can build a stronger and more effective memory.

Many people are heard saying that they used to have a sharper and stronger memory which has derogated with time. But this derogation can be countered with the help of a few tricks and hacks. These tricks and hacks can also be used individuals who may not have suffered deterioration in memory but are seeking to improve it.

build strong and effective memoryThis list of tricks/ hacks highlights how to build a strong and effective memory:

1. Concentration Exercises and Tricks

Concentration exercises like meditation or other focus exercises have been recorded to make memory stronger and improve the brains ability to function i.e. the effectiveness of the memory.

2. Use of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are one of the most widely used memory improvement tools. These tools are techniques which help an individual in retention of information. The idea is to establish small pieces of information which relate to larger pieces of information. Once the smaller pieces (which are also easier to store) are recorded, it becomes possible for the individual to recall the connecting larger information more easily.

One example of the mnemonic technique is- when you want to remember something you can form a visual that relates to the whole information, in your mind. Then whenever you need to recall the information the visual image will make it easier to recall all the said information.

3. Exercise the Body

When you exercise your body it is not just the body but also the brain which reaps the benefits of the exercise. It is thus said that a walk in the fresh air of the park can help boost memory and make it stronger. Exercise helps in maintaining the blood flow to the brain which transports essential nutrients and oxygen to it.

4. Exercise the Brain

Challenging your brain and providing it with ample exercise is one of the best ways to gain a stronger memory. One can exercise the brain by playing brain games like Sudoku, crosswords etc. These games help in development of new nerves and replenishing the existing nerve connections, which effectively improve the memory. So keep your brain active and make it more efficient by improving its physiological functions.

5. Saying Things out Loud

Another effective way to strengthen the memory and better remember some information is by saying the information that you need to remember out loud. Studies have shown that saying things out loud in the open actually help us retain them and recall them when needed.

6. Chewing a Gum

One of the commonly known and adapted methods of improving memory and making it more effective is chewing gum. Yes! Many studies have actually proven that the mere act of chewing a gum makes the individual more focused and hence improves the concentration level. The information thus recorded in the course of chewing a gum can improve memory and its effectiveness.


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