Acing The Oral Test In Three Easy Steps

There are times when teachers require us to take an oral test. Here, our speech and oral communication skills are tested and graded.

Oftentimes, it is dreaded by students since they have to speak in front of an audience and be scrutinized by the teacher in charge.

So how can you earn a good grade in tests like this? How can you stop the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach or the wobbling of your knees?

Here are three easy steps to ace that oral test:

1. Prepare

    Prepare ahead of time. Find the right piece you want to deliver and memorize it by heart. Once you have memorized it, you will feel more confident and more secured. It will also become easier for you to add gestures, pauses, and facial expressions.

    2. Practice

      Practice sure makes perfect. Practice hard during every vacant time you have. You can even practice in front of your classmates and your family. It is also effective to practice in front of the mirror so you can analyze and evaluate your delivery.

      3. Do your best

        When you are there on stage, facing the audience, you have to think that you are the best. Do not compare yourself with others. Just deliver your piece the way you practiced and be confident.

        You should not be scared of taking an oral test. Just prepare, practice, and do your best to ace the test.



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