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tips and tricks to be punctual at work

Useful Tips and Tricks to be Punctual at Work

Punctuality is a virtue that every child should be taught right from pre-school days. Till retirement, we need to follow a certain time schedule at work place for good reasons. If you are expected to be on duty within 9 o’clock, then you should be complying with this rule as your availability will show your […]

time matagement tips for a successful life

7 Time Management Tips for a Successful Life

Time management is one of the most important aspects of living a successful life. There are many times when we hear people talking about the shortage of time in their lives and how the lack of time is affecting their lives adversely. The point is that we all of have to ‘make’ the time for […]

time management tips for property managers

Effective Time Management Tips for Property Managers

Property management is a profession which deals with selling, reselling and purchasing of properties and is something which can be stressful on certain days.  Property managers are often burdened with a lot of workload and the pressure of completing it can cause a lot of tension. But if one knows how to manage time well, […]

Time Management Mistakes To Avoid

5 Most Common Time Management Mistakes To Avoid

In the pursuit to manage time well and effectively, you may tend to make mistakes which might just mess with the whole idea of managing time in the first place. These mistakes must be avoided at all costs as they can prove very expensive and may discourage you from managing time in the future. Time […]

extra hour

Need 25 Hours In A Day? Here’s How To Squeeze Out An Extra Hour

Do you sometimes contemplate a day gone by wondering where the time went and feeling as though little, if any got accomplished? So what can you do to create more time for yourself each day? Here are some useful tips – Figure out at the beginning of each day what are the two most important […]

prioritization techniques

Prioritization Techniques For Effective Time Management!

If you find that you are always falling short of time, or that things that need doing appear to get left behind, that you are stressed and unable to cope, then it is time for you to effectively prioritize your time and your activities. Using proper prioritization techniques can leave you with more time to […]

Tips For Managing Your Time

Tips For Managing Your Time

We all wish we had more time. The best you can do is learn to manage the time that you have wisely so that you have room in your schedule for the things you have to do, and the things you want to do. Here are some better time management tips Manage your online time. […]

4 Effective Ways To Reclaim Your Lost Time

4 Effective Ways To Reclaim Your Lost Time

Do you feel frustrated about not being able to get everything done in during day? One of the reasons behind your problem could be poor time management skills. Time management seems to be a never ending problem for many people. Many of you always say that you don’t have enough time for everything you want […]