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ways for new moms to de-stress

Top 7 Ways for New Moms to De-Stress

“Time” becomes a valuable commodity when you become a new mom. The days will go stressful, tiring, busy and hectic as you now have the “huge” responsibility of a baby who will be depending on you completely for everything; if its twins all the strain is doubled. In all probabilities, you haven’t slept more than […]

myths related to stress management

Top Myths Related to Stress Management

In our busy lives and our packed schedules, feeling stress is common and so is finding ways to manage it. Stress is prevalent not only just at the workplace but also at home and almost everywhere else. But in order to lead a calm and comfortable life, it is important to learn ways to manage […]

steps to better cardiovascular health

4 Natural Steps to Better Cardiovascular Health

We all experience stress in one form or another, and it causes the release of certain hormones that our body has to cope with. But too much stress could damage your cardiovascular health and even contribute to coronary artery disease. The Harvard Medical School reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women and […]

tips for teachers and educators

8 Stress Busting Tips for Teachers and Educators

Of all the jobs in the world, the profession of teaching is one which is associated with a lot of stress and tensions.  One day at school can seem like a marathon and may build up a lot of stress in a teacher’s life. Studying for classes, teaching right, taking criticism, dealing with staffroom politics […]

Stress in working place

Stress In The Workplace

For most adults, work is a matter of necessity. We need our jobs to provide housing, clothing, food, and other daily necessities that require money. While we’d all love for our jobs to be low or no stress, the reality is that it’s not often a possibility. Some work fields are more prone to work-related […]

Positive Affirmations

Try Positive Affirmations For Stress Management

An affirmation is a statement of positivity or is a new thought that helps one think differently and inculcate a different set of beliefs for self-improvement and betterment of life.  Affirmations can both be negative and positive but for reducing stress, gaining confidence, self-improvement and meaningful life changes, it is important to try out positive […]

beat stress and anxiety

Beat Stress and Anxiety: Ways around it

There are nearly one billion obese people in the world, this is one in seven people. Worrying, isn’t it? With quality food (organic meat, fish, fruit) costs increasing, many people have no choice but to turn to cheaper alternatives, most of which seem to be packed full of additives, artificial colourings, and vast amounts of […]

reduce stress

Five Ways to Reduce Stress

At some point everyone will experience a degree of stress within their lives. But excessive and or prolonged stress can have remarkable physical effects: it can damage the complexion, disrupt sleep patterns and even impair the immune system. Below are five ways to live a happier, healthier and stress-free life. 1. Breathe During moments of stress, […]