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know whether you are content or complacent

Know Whether you are Content or Complacent?

Most people start their life feeling content with what they currently have. A small family, a house to live in and a job that earns an amount required to pay off the monthly bills of the family is what one hopes for maximum. As years proceed and children grow older, you realize that what you […]

self help strategies for building self esteem

Self-help Strategies for Building Self Esteem

For any person, it is very important to feel good about oneself and have high regard and respect.  Having self-esteem is highly important and rather necessary for any individual as without it, it is hard to expect others to respect you.  But in certain life situations, everyone may experience the problem of low self-esteem either […]

meditation on anxiety and panic

Benefits of Meditation on Anxiety and Panic

Most individuals first learn about panic attacks in the crisis room. They were surged there considering that they were having heart attacks due to chest aches, tipsiness and a quick pulse. In the event that they test negative for a heart attack, the determination is typically panic attack. Luckily, anxiety and panic attacks are a […]


Fear of Failure

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” What the former French Emperor is saying that those who live in fear of failing are bound to. Fear of failure is something that grips all of us. Nobody wants to fail but sometimes in life you have to, there can be […]

Spiritual Wellness

5 Effective Ways to Develop Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is a method of finding peace within yourself and is a personal matter which involves having a faith in your values and fixing some beliefs in the universe.  For different people, meaning of spiritualism may be different but this doesn’t mean that one person’s take on spiritual wellness is correct and other’s is […]

Domestic Violence

How to Cope with a Domestic Violence Trial

Dealing with domestic violence is never easy and for many victims, believe it or not, the hardest part of their journey out of an abusive situation is dealing with the legal issues that arise when charges are brought against their abuser. If you have brought charges against an abuser and are facing a legal battle, […]

cosmetic surgery

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Are you unsatisfied with your appearance? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly all of us have things we’d change about our appearance, and some of us have considered cosmetic surgery as a way to improve our looks. However, plastic surgery procedures, and the people who choose to have them, often have a bad reputation. Many people […]

Getting On Track Doesn’t Have to Mean Giving Up

Getting On Track Doesn’t Have to Mean Giving Up

It’s a knee jerk reaction we all have when we first realize that our spending has gotten out of control: “I have to give everything up!” Maybe we even get caught up in the idea a little bit—feeling self righteous about the idea of selling everything we own, sleeping on a blanket nest on the […]