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deal with disappointment effectively and positively

How to Deal with Disappointment Effectively and Positively?

Disappointment is explained as a state of mind with the feeling of sadness or displeasure that happens due to the non-fulfilment of a person’s hopes or expectations. This feeling is very close to regret and mainly happens due to personal choices. Many people can overcome disappointment because they have a stronger state of mind, willpower, […]

self improvement

Improve Your Risk Tolerance And Take The Upper Edge!

The world is a stiff competition for all budding and aspiring entrepreneurs and the genre can be anything – the world now does not have any space for monopolies whatsoever. Most of these young men fall short in this race because of their low risk tolerance in the business. If you are one such entrepreneur […]

Right Attire to Impress the Interviewers

Choose the Right Attire to Impress the Interviewers in Your First Interview

There is a long list of books about the importance of dressing for the right occasion and event. One of the most important events of anyone’s life is a job interview. Your appearance speaks volumes for you as soon as you enter the room for your interview. You are not only judged on the basis […]

getting more Zs can make you a better leader

The Sleep-Leadership Link: How Getting More Zs Can Make You a Better Leader

In today’s fast-paced work environment and shaky economy, people are working harder than ever in an effort to be as productive as possible. Constant connectivity has contributed to a “24/7 culture” in which taking down time — even to sleep — is considered a luxury. But sleep isn’t an indulgence; it’s a biological necessity. When […]

confronting grief’s deepest pains

Sitting Through the Darkness; Confronting Grief’s Deepest Pains

Jerry Sitter was on a casual drive one day. In one of the most tragic scenarios possible, he lost 3 generations of his family from a single car crash – his mother, his wife, and young daughter were tragically killed. He wrote a book about his journey through the grief that seems all but impossible […]

Mental Health Facts for Teenagers

Mental Health Facts for Teenagers

There is a rising trend among teenagers and it is very disheartening to see that so many of them are going through some form of mental disorder or the other. In today’s world there is a lot of pressure on teenagers, they have to perform well in studies because there is so much competition, they […]

Importance of Self-Management Skills

Importance of Self-Management Skills

Self-management is the process by which we manage ourselves and do the daily tasks or coordinate among them successfully. Self-management also refers to a long-term plan and how we handle ourselves or work towards reaching the goal. It is very important that we develop this skill because throughout life, our responsibilities just keep increasing and […]

Make a Positive Change in 2013

Being overweight can have an impact on your self-confidence, making your social interactions more difficult. However, all you need to do is make a positive change as part of your New Year’s resolution – it’s as simple as that. Making a positive change, being surrounded by loved ones, staying motivated and finding ways to boost […]