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effective self confidence tips for an interview

The Most Effective Self Confidence Tips for an Interview

In most interviews, the interviewers test the self confidence and personality of candidates rather than the answers to questions themselves. It won’t be wrong to state that self confidence is the most important trait needed to make it through various kinds of interviews including job interviews, college admission interviews, visa interviews and others. But not […]

self confidence is important in business

Why Self Confidence is Important in Business

Business is another word for expressing the relationship between two groups in agreement who want to deal with each other in lieu of money and work. Thus it requires an amount of trust and persuasion so that this bond can be created. And when there is a give and take relationship, the consenting parties must […]

acquire a confident body language

Tips to Acquire a Confident Body Language

Body language includes non verbal communication methods wherein you may express clues to your purpose or thoughts though your physical behavior. Body postures, gestures, eye movements and facial expression speak for your emotional status which may be boredom, aggression, attentiveness, pleasure, amusement and so on. People you interact with comprehend your body language either though […]

games to boost self confidence

Self Confident Children – Activities that Boost it to Ultimate

Anyone will tell you that being a parent is a full time job and when you become one, the top most priority of your life becomes your child. A confident child who has a sense of self esteem and self worth is a treasure not only for the parents, but also the society at large […]

building self confidence

5 Helpful Tips In Building Self Confidence

Self confidence is a key ingredient to success. If you look around you, you’ll notice that people who have more confidence in themselves are those who are also more successful in life. After all, how can you make things happen when you don’t have the guts and courage to do so? That’s why building self […]

self confidence courses

Things To Consider In Getting Your Child Into Self Confidence Courses

What could be more admirable than a person glowing with self confidence? Of course, everybody wants to have that power to speak before a crowd, convince the public, and just simply exude a certain kind of power from within. Conclusively, one can say that self confidence and success go together that’s why many people pay […]

self confidence

Tips To Be More Assertive

Neither too much aggression nor too much passivity are desirable traits, generally speaking. Yet a healthy dose of assertiveness could do a lot of us a lot of good. Here are some myths exploded that could help you with being more assertive: It’s a myth that if you put your needs first, you are selfish: […]

Becoming Comfortable With Being Assertive

Becoming Comfortable With Being Assertive

Many of us have to struggle to become assertive and stand up for ourselves. If you have taken this positive step forward, congratulations! You may notice that those around you may be having a bit of trouble adjusting to the new you. Here are some ideas that may help you grow comfortable with the newness […]