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why will power and discipline is important

Why Will Power and Discipline is Important?

Will power and discipline are the two most important virtues needed in order to develop and grow as a responsible human being. But what does these terms actually mean? What is Will Power? Will power is our ability to control the harmful impulses. A combined feeling of happiness and optimism helps to develop will power. […]

sings of inferiority complex

Top 7 Sings of Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex is a state where a person tends to persistently believe and feel that they are not as good as others or are not able to measure up to others.  It is a definite sign of low self esteem and is a feeling of ‘I am not good enough’. Most of us have […]

self-improvement and personal growth

6 Activities to try for Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

In life, there is no limit to the number of skills that one can acquire or the number of things one can do to learn and shape the personality. Self-improvement can result in personal growth and vice-versa and both these things are constant processes that happen as we move forward in life. There are some […]

steps to personal awakening

7 Steps to Personal Awakening

Personal growth is a means of sculpting yourself to a being enlightened with self awareness, which has the ability to help you recognize your talents and potential, enhance your quality of life, realize your dreams and aspirations and re-establishing your self esteem and confidence. A part of personal development constitutes developing the aptitude of people […]

Self Acceptance vs personal growth

Self Acceptance and Personal Success are Often Two Sides of the Same Coin

The expression that you are your best judge fits the bill perfectly when you want to opine that self acceptance leads to personal growth. Often it so happens that you are too egoistic to accept your huge faults and flaws, and when you go through that stretch of feeling that nobody understands you, but you […]

10 Tips to Boost Productivity: Work Smarter, Not Harder

10 Tips to Boost Productivity: Work Smarter, Not Harder

No one wants to be the drudge forever chained to their job; the one who neither seems to make much progress in their career, nor seems to get much accomplished in spite of trying. So how do you get to be that other person; the one who works hard, goes to school and gets a […]

Turning Slow Mornings into a Productive Start

Turning Slow Mornings into a Productive Start

Mornings are a flurry of activities in a family. To have the lunches, backpacks and briefcases ready to go on time can be a challenge. If you are a new college student trying to finish your degree in finance or any other degree for that matter, getting used to this routine can be very difficult. […]

7 Energy Tips to Stimulate Your Inner Strength

7 Energy Tips to Stimulate Your Inner Strength

Improved energy levels mean that you will be less likely to become tired when you perform tasks of any kind, whether it is simple household work, office work, or even manual labor. Listed below are a few energy tips that will help you in invigorating your energy and thus enrich your overall life. 1. Strength […]