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things that you should never say to your kids

6 Things That you Should Never Say to your Kids

Our kids or children are more sensitive, intelligent and emotional than we think. They understand more things than we think they do and hence parents must always be very careful about what they say to their kids or in front of them. Certain things can make kids feel hurt, demotivated, disheartened and even not loved. […]

tips to reduce the stress of parenting

Top 7 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Parenting

Parenting can surely be a lovely experience but there is no denying of the fact that it does come with its challenges and difficulties. Managing the kids with your work, household chores, financial matters and other responsibilities can prove to be very demanding, especially if the kids are still small. It is a fact that […]

how to tell a story to inspire charity

How to Tell a Story to Inspire Charity

Compelling stories are an essential selling point for many successful charitable initiatives. Whether an organization provides aid to needy children in developing countries, wrongly-convicted prisoners in the United States, or anything in between, stories are an important part of putting a human face on the work the non-profit does. However, there’s more to a good […]

comprehensive tutorial for adoptive parents

Comprehensive Tutorial for Adoptive Parents

Adopting is one of the noblest of acts you can indulge in. It is a long and overwhelming journey and once you set your mind and heart to it you can bet it will be the most anticipated one too.  It is one of the hardest work but at the same time most rewarded too […]

cope up with the death of your child

10 Ways to Cope Up with the Death of your Child

There is no loss in the world more devastating than the death of a child.  Losing a child is losing onto yourself and changes your life forever.  The grief that you feel in such a situation is not just sadness but also anger, frustration and hopelessness for the future. Most people find it very difficult […]

long distance parenting done right

Long Distance Parenting Done Right

There are many reasons that may force you to stay away from your children. It is not always a divorce that makes a parent stay away from their kids. Reasons like work and tending to familial obligations can be part of the deal. Thus you need to work your way to parent your child even […]

bonding with step kids

Top 8 Tips To Strengthen Bond With Your Step Kids

Getting married has always been a big matter of adjustment for the wife, husband and  if you are getting settled in an already set up extended family then probably it is one of a more tough job to get adjusted. It actually involves a lot more additional challenges and adjustments. Here are few important tips […]

How internet Safety can give you Peace of Mind

We all enjoy using the internet but concerns about online safety are a source of anxiety for many, and parents in particular may be anxious about protecting their children. If you have concerns about keeping safe online, the following safety measures can help give you peace of mind. Get to grips with the dangers The […]