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How internet Safety can give you Peace of Mind

We all enjoy using the internet but concerns about online safety are a source of anxiety for many, and parents in particular may be anxious about protecting their children. If you have concerns about keeping safe online, the following safety measures can help give you peace of mind. Get to grips with the dangers The [...]

Coping With Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for all couples. Often, those going through such a process may find themselves so caught up in the lengthy legal processes that they don’t realize how the divorce will affect them or their children. Once the paperwork has gone through and you have received your divorce papers, you may be in [...]

Divorce and How Do the Children See It

Divorce and How Do the Children See It

Divorce is almost always accompanied by a lot of heartbreak and grief for the adults involved, but the pain and misery it causes to the children involved can be immense. It is not easy for the children to see their parents going on separate paths. It turns their life upside down and affects their emotional [...]


5 Good Parenting Tips to Become a Successful Parent

Now-a-days, raising kids is arguably not easy as it seems and it is one of the most rewarding things that you can have in your life. However, most of the people are unaware of good parenting tips and don’t approach parenting with the same focus as they would use for a job. We just use [...]

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Is Your Kid Troubling You? Common Parenting Problems

Parenting is a skill that you should cultivate by your own. No matter whatever is your parenting style, it is quite common for you to face certain parenting problems. So, if you succeed in identifying those particular problems and find right solutions for them, you can successfully prove yourself as a better parent and also [...]


Do Your Kids Ignore Your FB Friend Requests?

Parents may be offended, hurt or maybe just puzzled and perhaps resigned that their friend requests addressed to their children on the social networking site Facebook has been ignored. And it isn’t as if these children are isolated from their parents or have bad relationships with them; so why is it that children ignore parents’ [...]

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Tips To Help Kids Reduce Stress

Childhood is that happy, carefree, time of life, with never a fear and never a tear, right? In a word wrong! Childhood can be an incredibly stressful time for many, and for reasons that adults may least expect. Stress in children can take many forms and can occur due to a variety of different reasons [...]

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Boundaries Parents Should Respect

The Washington Post recently ran an article based on an online discussion where an important point was discussed – Boundaries that intrusive parents should respect. The question is posed by a 26 year old man who is financially independent and has a job and his own home – who asks how justified his parents are [...]