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know about equity theory of motivation

Know about Equity Theory of Motivation

Discussions and concerns about motivating the employees in any working entity have been in existence since long. Different people have had different takes on how to motivate the employees and keep the working environment balanced. Some have said that incentivizing the employees is what keeps them motivated while some say that inducing competition is the […]

tips to motivate yourself to study

Tips to Motivate Yourself to Study

Most students, no matter what their age need motivation to study, more so when they are starting to study after a long gap. It is common to sit down with books and feel as if you have not slept for ages. A student who has been motivated for studying would be able to go that […]

successful life through self motivation

Tips to a Successful Life through Self Motivation

Self-motivation is the driving force that guides us to achieve our goal based on our own capabilities, instincts and desires. It is a means of personal development and is the key to a successful life. Self motivated people are more oriented, have good time-management skills and possess more self-esteem and confidence than the ordinary. No […]

How To Motivate Your Child

How To Motivate Your Child

Children are like a handful of mud and can be molded in any shape like the guardian wishes to. To some extent this proverb is correct, but in the present generation the children have started making their individual choice – not necessarily to be for the bad always. However, unfortunately parents turn a deaf ear […]

Motivational Interviewing

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Psychologists across the globe heavily rely on Motivational Interviewing for the counselling of problem thinkers. This technique was developed by a clinical psychologist Professor William R. Miller and Professor Stephen Rollnick. The method can effectively be used to facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation within the person who needs behavioral modifications. One may call it a goal-oriented […]

Why the Gym Isn’t As Important to Fitness Anymore

Where you work out isn’t going to affect the outcome, so don’t think that enrolling in a gym is necessary to get fit. You can work out in your basement or backyard and become as lean and lithe as the guys who spend hours at the gym. I have. There’s no reason to hit the […]

8 Fitness Motivation Tips You Can Use

8 Fitness Motivation Tips You Can Use

Motivation is a huge decider for the level of success in your fitness routine. Here are some fitness motivation tips that can help keep you interested and committed to your fitness program. They will help improve your chances of reaching your goals. 1. Trust yourself This is one of the fitness motivation tips we tend to overlook: […]

Motivational Tips from Teachers for Students

Motivational Tips from Teachers for Students

What you are will show in what you do, said the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Inspiring quotes such as these are the kind of motivational tips from teachers that help students to excel. We look at ways and means to motivate students to excel not only in their academic performance but also do their […]