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useful tips to get over obsession

8 Useful Tips to Get Over Obsession

Obsession in any form is not good and it is something that you need to get over with. When you are obsessed with something or someone, you fail to see or care about anything apart from that particular object of obsession or person who you are obsessed with. Getting over obsession is not very difficult […]

tips for mental health recovery

Top 7 Tips for Mental Health Recovery

If you are someone who has experience a mental health problem lately, then you must be aware of how tough things can be when you are trying to recover. A mental health illness does not only affect the mind but also creates a dis-balance in the emotions, the physical health and relationships. Recovering from it […]

sexual assaults

Recovering from Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault is the enforcement of any kind of sexual contact such as inappropriate touching, rape, and penetration of the mouth, genitals or anus, without the victim’s consent. Sexual assaults can be inflicted by a stranger, or a person known to you such as your husband, relative, friend or colleague. Sexual assaults can have a […]

Ways Of Coping With Loneliness

Ways Of Coping With Loneliness

Acceptance and loneliness are acronyms to each other.  In life, everybody faces loneliness once or may be many times. You feel lonely when you fail to receive acceptance from your preferred group, family or friends and in such situations, you don’t feel fit in the society or surroundings. Loneliness at a certain point to a […]

Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Abuse in Children

Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Abuse in Children

Children are meant to be cherished and loved but there are many people who ill-treat children and are abusive towards them either physically or psychologically. Although the physical wounds may still be visible and people often take action against the offenders, it is very difficult to know if the child if going through any psychological abuse […]


What Mental Health Counseling Programs Can Do for You

Luckily for all of us, mental health counseling programs are no longer taboo in our society. Whereas earlier mental illnesses were thought of as “madness” and spoken of only in hushed tones, today we realize the importance of getting help for mental ailments as well as physical ones. Ignoring mental health may be detrimental to […]


Most Common Psychological Disorders in Children and Their Symptoms

Psychological disorders in children can be very distressing for parents. Though they are not common, parents need to be watchful and observant about changes in their child’s behavior that could indicate that the child needs help. We look at the psychological disorders most commonly seen in children and how parents can spot these.  ADHD An […]

Mental Disorder Symptoms

Mental Disorder Symptoms – General Symptoms of Something Wrong

Mental disorder symptoms that a person experiences can vary greatly – because of the type of disease or disorder as well as due to a person’s psychological makeup and individual nature. However there are some common instances of odd behavior, unusual feelings that could indicate a problem. We look at various psychological, social, behavioral and […]