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Memory Boosting Games for all ages

Memory Boosting Games for all ages

Brain is that part of the body without which the body is nothing. It is also that one thing which is responsible for almost everything in this whole world. It is the intelligence of the brain that has discovered, invented and developed so many wonderful things. Sometimes it may happen that our brain may not […]

meditation and memory management

Meditation and Memory Management – A Symbiotic Relation

The power of meditation is immense and it has been since the beginning of time that we have associated good memory to meditation. But you might wonder how these two are related. Well to break it down, our brain is like a box with compartments. With age these compartments increase and as we age further, […]

green tea

Top 5 Foods for Memory Improvement

No matter whatever the age or gender is, all of us wish to have a great memory.  You might go for the easy ways like drugs and other therapies that might invite some side effects along with it but there is safer and an easier solution to boost memory – through your diet. There are […]

Improving Memory Lifestyle Changes

5 Ways of Effective Memory Management Through Lifestyle Changes

While we are busy coping up with all the important issues and problems in life, we forget that the stress associated with our busy lifestyles can not only affect our health but also our memory. We all have so much on our minds that often we forget to do the most important things. This calls […]

Memory Management Problems

Memory Management Problems – When to Seek Help

Mild memory management problems can happen to most of us as we get on in years – it is a natural progression and part of the aging process. Learning new skills, retaining new information and ability to recall recent events may decline somewhat. However normal aging is not tantamount to significant memory unless there is an […]

learning better

6 Tips To Help To Learn And Retain Learning Better!

This one is not just for students who are cramming for exams; any information that you want to retain, or memory you want to cement, these tricks will help you remember better so that recalling what you have learnt is not difficult. 1. Move your eyes from side to side Try this out, the next […]

brain training game

Brain Training Games May Be No Good After All

There are a lot of products and aids out there that claim to make you smarter; games that say they can increase your IQ. Now, however, researchers in the field of neuroscience are telling us that brain training games are really not all they are cracked up to be; they may be little more than […]

Power Up Your Brain - Your Greatest Asset

Power Up Your Brain – Your Greatest Asset

Your brain is one of your most crucial tools. Whether you are communicating with customers, writing an email, finishing a project or brainstorming a new venture, your success and your happiness depends on your brain. Take care of your brain The easy part about taking care of your brain is that many of the things […]