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How to Turn your 'Romantic Relationship' into a 'Mature Relationship'

How to Turn your ‘Romantic Relationship’ into a ‘Mature Relationship’

Relationships feel great! The good time spent with your loved one is a powerful feeling that can also put your life on a happy track. But, love is in the end, just a feeling which is prone to changing just like any other feeling! Hence, first we are called to be in love, then it […]

major reasons of broken relationships and how to prevent them

8 Major Reasons of Broken Relationships and How to Prevent Them

Living a peaceful and fulfilling life with your partner is the first wish of any couple. Unfortunately, this does not happen always! Predicting a true and long lasting relationship in the beginning is always not possible but as time moves on, one can realize and feel how strong or weak is the bonding with your […]

what to do if you have a controlling partner

What to do if you have a Controlling Partner

Relationships these days are becoming harder to maintain due to various pgychological and emotional factors. When one of the partners is a controlling and dominating person the situation becomes even worse. If the problem is not dealt in the right away, it will lead to bigger issues and eventually may also lead to the falling […]

tips to heal a relationship after cheating

Tips to Heal a Relationship after Cheating

No matter who is hurt in a relationship, it is very difficult to forget and move on easily. Adultery can destroy a healthy relationship from the foundation. It is unfeasible to assume that things will suddenly go back to normal within a blink. However, infidelity does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship. Here […]


Learning to Talk to your Partner One Step at a Time

A relationship between two people should be special, something that makes you happy and feel on top of the world. Struggles, however, are a part of every healthy relationship. They will pop up every now and then, but sometimes this can be enough to drive people apart. It’s important to be open with your partner, […]

essential signs of an impending breakup

7 Essential Signs of an Impending Breakup

A romantic relationship is a beautiful bond between a man and a woman and is often an exciting time when two people come together to celebrate love and togetherness.Inspite of this, it won’t be wrong to say that such relationships can often be sensitive and fragile. There often comes a time when the two people […]

build trust in your relationship

How to Build Trust in your Relationship?

In any relationship, trust is one of the most important factors. Hence the people who are in relationships must make continuous effort in order to strengthen the trust and love in their relation. When you are in a relationship, it is important to understand that the person you love is human and is bound to […]

Handing Your Money Issues With Spouse

Handing Your Money Issues With Spouse

Relationship gurus ask us to be open and communicative with our partners and talk about all issues that surround us, even money and finances. Yes, even though it seems like such a mundane thing to talk about in our romantic soiree, money and finance has to be discussed at the onset of every serious relationship […]