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Terrible at Keeping in Touch? Never Lose Touch Again With This Simple Trick!

Terrible at Keeping in Touch? Never Lose Touch Again With This Simple Trick!

Are you terribleat keeping in touch? Do you sometimes realize you haven’t chatted with an old friend in months, years even? Don’t fret! Many people struggle with maintaining strong bonds with old friends. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you might think – in fact, with this simple trick, you’ll never [...]

Creative Ways to Demonstrate Affection

Creative Ways to Demonstrate Affection

Everyone knows that the key to maintaining a happy, fulfilling relationship is showing your partner just how much they mean to you.  If you’ve seemed to run out of ideas in that department, you’re in luck because here’s a list of some of the best ways to show your affection so your significant other knows you love [...]

Getting Along with the In-Law’s

Getting Along with the In-Law’s

Obnoxious. Over-bearing. Meddling. Invasive. Annoying. Rude. Would you use these words to describe your in-laws? If so, you’re not alone—Many people struggle with their relationship with their in-laws. Of course, it’s most often mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law conflict, but the men aren’t always exactly best buds either. Sometimes it’s just a personality issue—you rub each other the [...]

Mature dating made my dream come true

I grew up in a very educated family. My father was a professor at a University, and my mother owed a book-store. So, from the very beginning I was taught to appreciate knowledge and study a lot. By my 25 I acquired two professions and worked as a teacher at a school. My strong point [...]

how to make a relationship better

8 Tips for How to Make a Relationship Better

Sometimes you can know how to make a relationship better instinctively. But sometimes you can wonder what you should do to either improve things or simply lift a relationship out of a rut that it seems to have fallen into. Here are some pointers that just could help you reignite your relationship. 1. Do new [...]


Communication Tips for Relationships That You Can Use

You’ve probably heard, even experienced how important good communication is for a relationship. It helps prevent misunderstandings, and creates greater appreciation for the other person. But effective communication tips for relationships may not be something that comes naturally to each of us. Here is some help to make you a better, more effective communicator: 1. [...]

Tips to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Relationships

6 Tips to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Relationships

The seemingly picture perfect relationships you see around you: on TV, movies even around in your family or friend circle are all imperfect. They all have their ups and downs. It’s true, some relationships seem to be rather rockier than others; but have you thought of it… could it be that the seemingly stronger relationships [...]

Recession Affect Relationships

Can Recession Affect Relationships?

Money can be an issue in any relationship though we may think that it shouldn’t be. Money can tilt the balance of power; it can create unwanted secrets, it can create resentment; it can even breed suspicion. And then when things are tight, such as when a recession is on and lay-offs are feared and [...]