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deal with criticism as a leader

How to Deal with Criticism as a Leader

Being a leader is not easy and it surely is a big responsibility. It of course comes with many rewards as people trust you, follow you and you are their inspiration. However, there is another side of the coin as well where people disrespect you and a lot of criticism, sometimes with your fault and […]

ways to maximize returns of a leadership training course

5 Ways to Maximize Returns of a Leadership Training Course

There are far too many choices for leadership programs today than we have ever experienced before. It is a quality needed and should be harnessed for any career path that you might have in mind. However, with so many options we do tend to forget one very important aspect of leadership – it is not […]

important skill for leadership training

The Art of Listening: An Important Skill for Leadership Training

Leadership is not just about leading and giving orders, it is rather an art which has to be handled responsibly and in such a way that the leader is able to deserve and command respect and not ask for it. A good leader is one who brings several qualities and skills to the table. To […]

enhance leadership qualities

Activities and Games to Enhance Leadership Qualities

If you are trying to enhance your leadership qualities then it is important for you to know that there are several qualities that you must possess in order to become a good leader. Decision making, communication and problem solving are only a subset of the skills that a good leader should possess. The importance of […]

Techniques to Develop Leadership

Teach To Lead: Top 5 Techniques to Develop Leadership

There are several methods by which one can start training individuals to be leaders in their respective fields. The techniques devised to help a person be a better leader are tried and tested and have been practiced all over the world by successful individuals. Although it is important for one to take up the initiative […]

Tips for Effective Group Relationships

Tips for Effective Group Relationships

One often needs to be in a group either in a professional setting or as friends. Whenever you are in a group you usually have the same goal and all members are expected to have an equal position in the group. However, there will be some members who have specific skills and everyone will have […]

10 Tips for Effective Leadership

10 Tips for Effective Leadership

A leader in a team of department is very important because he is the one that leads the team, assigns them work, motivates them and examines their work. He sets goals, makes strategies to achieve those goals, sets a deadline and sees if the work is being done on time. A leader is responsible for […]

Methods Used Plan Development Leadership Skills

Methods Used Plan Development Leadership Skills

A person’s leadership skills may vary according to the profession he is in and he may also have to modify his approach on how to lead his team accordingly. There are many methods used in order to develop our leadership skills. These skills are very important and must have a plan on how to incorporate […]