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Making Intercultural Marriages work smoothly – Dealing and Adjusting

Making Intercultural Marriages work smoothly – Dealing and Adjusting

Intercultural marriages are getting popular these days. Intercultural marriage is the legal husband and wife relationship between two people that belong to two different cultures. The people are getting along with each other well in a relationship but the main problems arise when the partners are married and have to face and deal with the […]

merits and demerits of marrying at a young age

Marrying at a Young Age – Merits and Demerits

‘What is the perfect age to get married?’ – This is one question that must have come across your mind at least once, if not more.  Marriage is one decision that must be taken with utmost care as it involves more than two lives. If you are wondering whether it is better to get married […]

things that you must not say to your spouse

6 Things that you must not Say to your Spouse

Often during a heated argument among spouses, people say things that they don’t mean to. But since the other partner does not know, that they did not mean it, it can unnecessarily complicate the situation and also hurt the person on the receiving end. Therefore one must be careful before saying things they do not […]

strategies to keep your love alive even after kids

6 Simple Strategies to Keep your Love Alive Even After Kids

Most of the new parents are seen struggling to find some time for them – be it for an outing, romance, or just few minutes to have a discussion. The main reason for this is lack of time management and work distribution pattern. Sleepless nights, unending chores for the baby and home and fulfilling all […]

importance of communication in improving marriage

Importance of Communication in Improving Marriage

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for most of the professions in the world. But the importance of communication is not restricted to the professional and education related aspects of life. Communication is equally important in making the most of personal relationships. It is hence right to say that communication is really important for improving […]

fengshui tips for romance and improving marriage

8 Fengshui Tips for Romance and Improving Marriage

Is your love life looking like it’s going to go overboard? Are you stepping in a new relationship? Do you need to harness that light of romance that is fading? Worry not! This article will give you a fair idea how to keep your love life warm and bright always. Here are some Fengshui tips […]

love alive in your marriage

Keep your Love Alive in your Marriage

Been married for years and are wondering how to keep the love alive and sustain your marriage for longer? It’s a cause of worry for more people than we care to realise. The busy work schedules, the tiring and exhaustive lives, the never ending sagas of the world keep us busy and may draw our […]

feng shui

Improve Your Marriage With A Pinch Of Feng Shui

It’s an oxymoron in the minds of people when they say ‘happily married’. Some succeed and some require a little more (well actually a lot more!) help to get through for their own good reasons. Feng Shui is known to promote positive energy and good vibes to keep people from certain bad auras that often […]