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tips to make yourself likeable

Tips and Tricks to make yourself Likeable and Loved

Life means attaining goals on a regular basis – be it for short term or long term and in the process you need to interact and get involved with too many people around. Making you liked by all is just next to impossible as all people do not have same outlook and opinion clashes can […]

best ideas to cheer up someone

Best Ideas to Cheer up Someone

If a close one is in pain, the feeling can be quite helpless and unbearable. The depression and disappointment can be due to varied reasons that come with the ups and downs of life. However, there are also many ways to cheer up a person; no grief in life can be as big as to […]

calm during difficulties

Tips to keep yourself Calm During Difficulties

We’ve all had those times when we want to let go of what we thought was for the best. It’s more or less likely that you will want to let yourself out on the least reason on your close ones or otherwise. But it’s during these very trying times that maintaining yourself and keeping calm […]

make your home an oasis of calm

How to Make Your Home an Oasis of Calm

Now that the weather’s finally heating up and the sun is streaming through the windows, our homes can start to feel as stuffy as our winter coats. Thoughts of barbeques, cocktails and ice cream take over, but the mounds of mess and clutter most of us find ourselves steeped in does not summon that summer […]

know about laser eye surgery

Everything You Wanted to Know About Laser Eye Surgery, but were Too Afraid to Ask

Over the last twenty years, the popularity of laser eye surgery has increased exponentially, with over 100,000 people in the UK alone opting for this simple procedure. With the promise of perfect eyesight via a quick, pain-free procedure, it’s little wonder that people are literally flocking to clinics nationwide to undergo this life-changing surgery. There are a […]

How Can I Start Up My Own Import Business

The main job of an import export business is to connect the domestic and international buyers and suppliers. Usually these companies work with low overhead costs along with lean business models. This way they can have higher profits with smaller investments. First step The first thing that you have to do is to decide what […]

How to Deal with Negative People at Workplace

How to Deal with Negative People at Workplace?

Do you know someone who never has something good to say about anything or anybody? For negative people, nothing seems to be right and appropriate. They always seem to be complaining about others or about themselves. Knowing how to deal with negative people is very important to get along with them. It will be more […]

Increase Intelligence

How to Improve Intelligence with Daily Activities?

Intelligence plays a vital role in achieving the most crucial things in your life. Your brain constantly needs exercise just like your body muscles to stay active. So, if you succeed in exercising your brain in right ways, it will help you to improve intelligence and you’ll obviously become a skilled person and reach your […]