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why do you need to set priorities

Why do you Need to Set Priorities?

Leading a proper life cannot be like a bed of roses; you will have to juggle with multiple responsibilities, like arranging for everything you deal with and also meeting the deadlines. Each and every aspect of life has importance to some degree, be it childcare, relationship with spouse, personal need and relaxation, office chores and […]

pros and cons of goal setting

What are the Pros and Cons of Goal Setting?

A lot of discussion has been made in various domains as to how setting a specific goal helps you to have better success rate in your undertakings. However, it is also to be mentioned that goal setting does have some negative impact too, and not everything is perfect with this motivational method. Most of the […]

common mistakes to avoid while setting life goals

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Life Goals

It is very common that people set either life goals too high or low to achieve and later regret the choices made. There are some common mistakes that you can avoid while setting life goals. Some people work really hard to achieve their goals, but give up half way due to lack of motivation or […]

set your financial goals

Set your Financial Goals – They Deliver Amazing Results

We all set holiday goals, career goals and family goals for ourselves but how many of us really set financial goals as we move forward in life? Goal-setting is something which brings discipline in life and has an impact on the way we do things.  It sets our focus and makes us move in the […]

goal setting for students

10 Benefits of Goal Setting for Students

Goal setting is undeniably one of the most important aspects that students should learn at the right age. It helps to build a purpose as it will aid the child gain self confidence and belief and make him realize that he should aim for something worthwhile and meaningful in life. Moreover, proper idea of goal […]

goal setting tips for employees

5 Exceptionally Amazing Goal Setting Tips for Employees

Goal setting is important for every person, be it a mother, a student or an employee. Without set goals, both short term and long term, life can become a mess and highly disorganized.  Especially for employees working in deadline oriented jobs or companies, proper goal setting can be a key to success. Without setting goals, […]

importance of goals for personal development

What is the Importance of Goals for Personal Development Today?

Life as they say is a mystery in itself and no amount of acquired knowledge can make us self-sufficient to face it completely. However, that does not mean that we let chance become a crucial factor in our lives because that would be tantamount to being foolish in the long run. If you’re wondering about […]


Top 4 Ways to Set Smart Goals

Competitive people have some qualities that make them different from others. These days, there is a new philosophy that has being followed by young and enthusiastic achievers. They do not just believe in smart ways but also make sure they have smart goals. This method is well known to all those who multi-task and achieve […]