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Escapism – What and How to Deal?

When you try to avoid something – the act can be said as ‘escapism’. It can come in different forms as you try to seek for alternatives like playing or sleeping. Some also drown themselves in work or other destructive addictions like smoking, drinking, emotional eating (bingeing), gambling or even drugs. Life is a very […]

tip to deal with depression after retirement

Tips to Deal with Depression after Retirement

Most of the people who advances towards the age of 60, builds an apprehensive idea about retirement. Although you might be yearning for retirement to fulfill all your unfulfilled dreams, you will still be reluctant to handle the bites of depression. Before retiring, you might have thought that it a will be a vacation time […]

tips to overcome depression after losing a job

Tips to Overcome Depression After Losing a Job

Losing a job is definitely a tough situation to handle; both emotionally and financially it can be destroying. The high rising expenditure of everyday life and financial support every individual needs to give to their family are the prime causes that break down a person after a job loss. You will feel vulnerable, terribly hurt, […]

coping with holiday stress and depression

Coping with Holiday Stress and Depression

Most people consider the holidays a source of joy and good cheer. They get to spend time with friends and family and have good food, and good times. Unfortunately, some people have no friends or family to spend the holidays with; or, what friends and family they have are too far away. There are also those […]

tips to fight your depression

5 Tips to Fight your Depression

Life has its highs and lows and it is through these low trying times we evolve as stronger individuals. But what if we are too weak to handle the lows at times in our lives? That is when we immediately plunge ourselves in negative procrastination, and lose our self-control and this period is what is […]

types of depression

Different Types of Depression

There are various types of depressions that a normal human being can be struck with. Symptoms range from a relatively minor depression to its extreme psychotic levels. Hence it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the different types of depressions, its symptoms and its cures. Major Depression This is the most widely known depression. […]

depression along with real facts

5 Top Myths Associated with Depression Along with Real Facts

Depression or clinical depression is a common mental disorder which makes a person feel hopeless, sad, sick and worthless.  Most of the times, the person may feel sad due to no reason whatsoever and this can affect the daily life and social wellbeing.  If left untreated, depression can turn into something very serious.  Often, people […]

tips to handle a stressed spouse

Tips to Handle a Stressed Spouse

Depression is very agonizing to cope with when it affects you. However, you tend to feel more helpless and affected with the consequences when your loved ones are going through a depressed phase. When faced with depression, it complicates the relationship and you find yourself victimized due to frequent misunderstandings, your partner’s intolerance to petty […]