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difference between interpersonal and intra-personal communication

Difference Between Interpersonal and Intra-Personal Communication

The two terms “interpersonal and intrapersonal” are self explanatory. The word ‘inter’ means between and ‘intra’ means within. When a communication takes place between two or more individuals, it is termed as interpersonal communication, whereas if the communication is exclusively within a single individual, it is an intra-personal one. Both inter and intra are equally […]

improve business communication skills

Tips and Tricks to Improve Business Communication Skills

Effective communication is a key to success in every field, be it business or any other profession. If you can communicate your own opinions and ideas well, it will surely strike and convince the business partner you are dealing with and that would surely lead to your benefit either in the short run, or in […]

useful tips to attain a deeper voice

Useful Tips to Attain a Deeper Voice

A rich deep voice is associated with the sex appeal of a man in our society. A man with well built physique and chiseled features can sound ridiculous with a high-pitched voice. A deep baritone is not only attractive to the other gender but it is also revered by the same sex. A proud owner […]

build strong and effective memory

How to Build Strong and Effective Memory: 6 Tricks/ Hacks

The human brain is a complex organ that performs many functions. Memory is one such function which is basically a process of storing, coding, encoding and retrieving information in the parts of the brain. The brain can be trained to improve this performance i.e. there are ways through which one can build a stronger and […]

tips to interact with the aged

Tips to Interact with the Aged and Experienced

Senescence or old age is the phase of a human life when they undergo various mental and physical strains.  Due to their diminished lucidity, weakening visual and hearing abilities communicating them for even a short period of time can be frustrating and seemingly futile experience. Your reluctant conversations and ignorance often have adverse effect on […]

Communication Skills Over Phone

Communication Skills Over Phone

Phone is an indispensable technology in one’s life, used to communicate with others. Without a mobile phone, nobody can imagine their life. We keep on talking to friends, parents, relatives, clients, lovers and it goes on. But were you aware that there’s communication behavior in place when you talk to someone? Guess, most of you […]

games to improve communication skills

Top 3 Games Designed to Improve Communication Skills

In today’s world where experimental education has taken over conventional school methodologies, every day a new way of educating and developing your child is being researched. It is observed that one of the best methods to teach various things to your child is through games. Following are some of the games which help develop communication […]


Skills of Being a Good Listener

Listening is an important part of a conversation because if one is not a good listener and interrupts the other person while talking repeatedly, then there can be a breakdown of communication. It is also very rude to not let the other person speak and to assume things and reply even before the person has […]