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Ways to heal leg pain due to anxiety pangs

Ways to heal leg pain due to anxiety pangs

Symptoms shown by anxiety are hard to explain. Since anxiety causes negative feelings, it is easy to believe that these symptoms are caused by something other than anxiety. People try to convince themselves that they have some serious problem where as they are simply suffering from the strange nature of anxiety. Leg pain is a […]

tips to deal with nervous stomach anxiety

Tips to Deal with Nervous Stomach Anxiety

Being nervous is unsatisfactory for one’s health. Overcoming nervousness is not an easy task and needs to be shed with utmost care. When you tend to feel nervous your heart beats faster, your palms sweat and you even have a cramping nervous stomach. Many people experience such symptoms while opting for an interview or presentation […]

deal with your travel anxiety

How to Deal with your Travel Anxiety

Some people keep postponing their travelling because of the fear of getting anxiety attacks during travel. Anxiety attacks come because of the fear of the unknown. The symptoms may be as simple as sweating or may be as grave as throbbing of your heart. There may be many reasons of getting the panic attacks, such […]

strait and trait anxieties

Are you Familiar with Strait and Trait Anxieties?

In the modern world we are all familiar with the idea of anxiety. Anxiety can be termed as that kind of mental unhappiness that results in physical and psychological discomfort. However there can two kinds of anxiety, strait and trait. In people with psychiatric disorders, the state and trait anxiety concepts are more applicable than […]

partner overcome performance anxiety

How to Help your Partner Overcome Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common problem. Lots of men feel under pressure in the bedroom, and this can affect their ability to get and sustain an erection. It can also cause premature ejaculation or mean that men struggle to orgasm. Over time, performance anxiety can dramatically reduce men’s confidence and it can stop them from […]

help people with panic attack

How To Help People With Panic Attack

Panic attacks are the result of anxiety. It may happen to you at any time even when you may think you are completely at peace. The main reason behind it is that your mind remembers a situation that causes you discomfort and gives you the feeling of getting trapped in that situation. At such times […]

Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

Distinguish Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack

Much too often the term Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack is interchanged and is used to mean the same thing; however there are subtle differences based on the duration of the persistent symptoms. The symptoms and abstracts given below will help you to distinguish between the two – Anxiety Attacks Anxiety Attacks occur as a […]

Reducing Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Reducing Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Anxiety attacks can be experienced in different situations, like in crowds, if a person has a phobia, after a traumatic experience, after a nightmare, due to any unpleasant experience and so on. Different people have different triggers to get anxiety attacks and hence there is no fixed way to reduce these attacks but everyone can […]