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Top 5 Surprising Herbs to Control Anger

Like every other emotion anger also comes naturally to a person. Anger is usually a reaction to express dislike or frustration. But anger can be extremely negative when a person loses his self-control and rational thinking. It is in such situations where anger needs some control and a positive way to channel out the feelings. […]

what is wrap rage and how to deal with it

What is Wrap Rage and How to Deal with it?

‘Wrap rage’ is also termed as package rage which describes the extraordinary fury resulting from the inability to open tough packages. For instance, heated plastic blister packs and clamshells are packed rigidly that requires tremendous effort to unlock. Often it is observed that people succumb to injuries or sprain wrists from the tools used to […]

confront with confidence

Confront with Confidence – Tips and Tricks

The word ‘confront’ is derived from Latin word – con means with and front means front. To know how to confront someone, you need to know the practical meaning of confront. It means to face an uncomfortable situation or to say someone about their work which you feel is not accepted. Confront can have different […]

get rid of your past resentment

Get Rid of your Past Resentment in 5 Easy Steps

When you are just about to overcome past resentments, make your mind clear about three points – it’s going to be a process and will not happen in one day, it might get worse before you actually start feeling better, and you will need loads of willingness and an open heart and mind. Past resentments […]

ways to control work related anger

Top Ways to Control Work Related Anger

It is not uncommon to lose your cool while at work or at the office. The pressure of deadlines, the tension of going wrong and the difficult client can all come together to make you reach your boiling point and then the anger might just explode. But it is very important to keep the anger […]

improve life by managing anger

5 Tips to Improve Life By Managing Anger

Since time immemorial, the fact is proved that one of the biggest obstacles to advancement in both career and personal life is “anger”.  If you cannot control your anger, the consequences are always not so desirable and it impedes the ability to stay happy. An angry soul and happiness is just incompatible and to live […]

learn to communicate with an angry person

Learn to Communicate with an Angry Person

In your day to day life you will come across several people who are angry and are blowing their top off. Though you would want to avoid such people to stop the negative energy from flowing into you, it is not always possible. This is especially true if you are in some business and you […]

Teenager to Control “Anger”

Help Your Teenager to Control “Anger”

Teenage years are turbulent and require an understanding on the part of a parent. Often you, as a parent will be perplexed with the behavior of your teenager and may end up feeling sad and dejected or let down. Have patience! This will not last. However, how you cope with the behavior tantrums and bouts […]