Ways to heal leg pain due to anxiety pangs

Symptoms shown by anxiety are hard to explain. Since anxiety causes negative feelings, it is easy to believe that these symptoms are caused by something other than anxiety. People try to convince themselves that they have some serious problem where as they are simply suffering from the strange nature of anxiety. Leg pain is a prime example of this. Most of the time people struggle to understand how leg pain is related to anxiety, but the connection is real and since it doesn’t affect everyone that is the reason there are many people living with leg pain cause by anxiety.

It has also been observed that leg pain due to anxiety is not dangerous no matter how painful it is. Despite how scary you may feel about the pain, it is merely a response of your body experiencing stress.  Once you are relieved from anxiety, your leg pain is also gone. As anxiety can affect your body in strange ways, even when you are not having any anxious thoughts still it is possible for your body to show symptoms caused by anxiety.  When your leg pain is caused by anxiety, then you need to treat your anxiety and not the leg pain. Once your anxiety is gone your pain is gone. There are few things you can do to cut out the amount of pain you experience:


Regaining CO2 balance-

Sometimes it may feel like you are not getting enough oxygen, instead you are getting too much of it but you are not holding enough of carbon dioxide. To avoid such situation and maintain the balance of CO2 ­­you need to slow your breathing dramatically. Inhale and exhale slowly and try to breathe through your stomach.


Any distraction that involves your senses so that you can’t focus on your leg pain can be helpful.

Lying comfortably-

Lying on a soft couch for a few minutes with your eyes closed can help you reduce the pain. However it is not necessary that this trick will work.


Massage helps you release stress and as stress causes anxiety and anxiety causes leg pain, hence you can get relief from the pain by getting a massage.

Warm shower-

A warm bath or shower can help you relax and loosens tight muscles. Don’t take hot bath as it may increase the body’s temperature and it may develop other anxiety symptoms.


This is found to be helpful during pains but especially with nerve pain in the legs. Made from chili peppers, it helps you get rid of the pain.


This herb calms the pain and also has pain relieving properties. It is used for different types of pain, but especially teeth ache, stomach pain and leg pain. It calms anxiety attacks and eases pain.

Willow bark-

This herb is a pain reliever and an anti inflammatory. It can be used by anyone except for those who are allergic to aspirin and are taking blood thinning medicines.

Following the above things can help you get rid of the pain caused by anxiety. It will also help you calm anxiety attacks that are the root cause of such pains. You can also get more tips from people around you who have been through such situations so as to stay relieved from the pain.


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