Unleashing the Child inside You in How to dispose of Anxiety and Panic

To free self of anxiety and panic we sometimes have to set free the child inside self to find out what causes our emotions to uproar. When emotions uproar it causes stress, which sometimes causes anxiety and panic.

As we walk through the shadows of life, we develop personality traits from influences and ecological changes. I say shadow since most people follow other people’s footsteps and am frequently unacquainted with their actions, behaviors, etc.

The results come in the form of doubt, fear, stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, confusion, and the like. While a person is puzzled often, he/she will experience disorder of the mind.

The emotions are affected by the disorder, which causes muddle and tumult of the mind. The mind is often in confusion trying to understand the suspense hidden deep within, thus it soon leads to mayhem minds.

At what time the mind is confused, it leads to embarrassment, loss of nerve, hesitation, disorientation, awkwardness and the like.

The reverse side of the negative energies exposed is confidence; therefore, confidence is what we want to build. If you have belief while growing to learn you and your child within, you will have hope.

Confidence gives us poise, self-beliefs, faith, trust, support, and so forth. Once you start to learn self, you will increase the confidence, which in sequence will help you to find out convictions from the facts you expose. If you want to dispose of anxiety and panic, you have to attempt to cultivate you. To help you see how this works we can set free a section of the child in you.


Child Memory : In the family, a child experiences a death. The death causes stress, because the child was close to the person. It is a shock for the child, since the child is not ready to take in and deal with death. The child develops imagined thoughts, which leads him to ask, “Is this going to occur to me?”

Adolescence : No one has helped the child affect the death at this point, so the child dwells on the death unprepared to let go.

Adult : The person now starts to feel stress, anxiety, and panic and often fails to see what is triggering the emotion. The adolescence buried the memory of the dead to manage.

What can we do? We need to face the reality that the person is gone, accept that death will occur and learn to think positive about our future to eradicate anxiety and panic.

As you can see, failing to face your memories, experiences, etc can only lead to problems. Facing memories are hardly ever easy, particularly when pain is involved, however if you face the issues then you will learn to decrease stress, which reduces anxiety and possible panic.

Generally, by means of fear, the causes of anxiety and panic come. Fear is the eventual root that holds us back, and sometimes the ultimate reason that people act out violently.

While most of us build walls in the mind to conceal the fears, it does us no good, since later; it will show in our words, actions, behaviors and the like. So, we have to reach down inside and discuss the child within, unleash the child and let him or her show you what is more or less inside you. Asking questions is a good start to setting free your child within.

Ask, what are my fears? What holds me back from success? Why do I feel stress? What is causing my anxiety and panic? Keep asking and you will obtain.



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