Understanding Stress and Fear in How to Throw Away Anxiety and Panic

How do you feel? What is making you tick? Why do you feel anxious and panicky? The first question only you can answer, as well as the second, however if you feel anxious often and panicky, possibly I can answer your questions.

Anxiety Response vs. Fear Response

First of all, fear and anxiety are common, ordinary response to stimulus of the mind, which is professed by the mind and rises and falls depending on the level of threat perceived. To help you recognize anxiety and fear response we can think about anxiety response vs. fear response.

If a person receives a bill in the mail, which is payable in less than a week and no money is available, nervousness often sets in while increasing the blood level. If a person is driving and skids nearly missing a semi, thus this is a reply of fear.

The problem is fear and anxiety work hand in hand, because both will send similar or the same signals. For instance, if fear responds it will send to the mind bewilderment, negative thoughts, doubts, apprehension, helplessness, worry, and the like. Similarly, while anxiety strikes it will send the same results.

This often baffles the mind because the anxiety could have indistinct meaning and be imprecise. Conversely, fear could have well definition, yet the mind reply to both actions in similar to manner. The key then is training the mind to dispose of anxiety and panic, thus training the mind to reply to fear and anxiety on its level.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are fear on an intense level. Sometimes panic attacks come from likely responses, while some times the panic attacks are legitimate.

The key is controlling panic before it controls you. For instance, if you are driving and nearly hit a semi, prior to losing control train the mind to use self-control. One thing I find of interest is on nearly every horror, action, or drama movie you watch the victims make deadly mistakes that cost their lives. For instance, maybe you’ve seen the movie Wolf Creek .

The movie is based on factual events involving a serial killer that is currently in Australia claiming lives today.

In the movie, a young girl escapes the ropes the killer tied her in and wandered around looking for her friends. In the movie, the young girl spots her friend in an old barn and the killer is torturing the young woman.

The girl thinks, finds opportune and prances. She sneaks in the building and finds a high-power shotgun with scope attached. Now rather than aiming, firing, and killing the monster, she acts out of her fear, stress, panic, and anxiety and shoots off his ear.

He passes out shortly, thus instead of killing this monster a second time by bashing in his head, she ended up dead from fatal mistakes throughout the movie.

Problems with case of chaining

As you can see failing to manage stress, fear, anxiety and panic can lead to death. If the girl thought, again she would have pointed, aimed at the top of the head or heart the heart and all three of the sufferers would have escaped the havoc.

Panic attacks can cause a chain of problems. Some of the problems include choking, dyopnea, sweats, numbness, trembling, depersonalization, and/or derealization, hot flashes, heart acceleration, chills, pain in the chest area and so forth. Now ask self, how do you feel? What makes you tick? How do you handle anxiety, stress, panic, and fear?

Next, we can review the types of anxiety problems existing today.



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