Tips for Reducing Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks mean the feeling of physical and emotional distress that one faces during a stressful situation that can escalate to serious damage to the body. One may feel anxiety due to a variety of reasons. There are some people who are very shy and cannot handle crowds, while others may be claustrophobic and feel anxious in closed spaces.

All these people can get anxiety attacks whenever they are faced with the trigger and it can lead to breathing problems, dizziness and disorientation. There are some ways by which one can reduce these attacks and lead a more normal life.

Since the cause of anxiety varies from person to person, the solution may also vary. But through proper counseling, changes in lifestyle and thinking and in some cases medication, a person can reduce the chances of getting anxiety attacks. Here are a few tips to achieve that:



It has been proved that regular meditation helps to calm the mind and helps you control your emotions better. It is a healthy practice and very effective for people who have anxiety attacks often. Choose a few minutes or hours to meditate daily and that will help you get your breathing under control and also keep you more relaxed which will help you deal with stressful situations and better and thereby reduce anxiety attacks.


If you have a very severe case of anxiety or panic attacks, you need to see a doctor who will advise you to get counseling and also prescribe medicines that will calm your system. Although it is better to avoid taking any pills and rather focus on less harmful tactics, sometimes the anxiety cases get so severe that some medicines must be taken to get the breathing and blood pressure under control and to relax the body.


You can be the best person to reduce your anxiety attacks and for that you need to talk to yourself in a confident manner and tell yourself that you can get through this. There are many self-help and inspirational books that you can read and get life coaching on how to deal with stress in general, which in turn will teach you how to deal with panic attacks and help you to avoid them in the future

Deep breathing

Whenever you feel any anxiety attack coming, you can reduce the chances of that happening by taking deep breaths and distracting your mind to something positive.



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