Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks can cripple the social life of an individual because they can happen any time and make life very difficult if they are not dealt with properly. It makes one socially awkward, leads to many physical problems and there is always a sense of something negative happening which makes the person stressed out all the time.

It is very important that we know what exactly causes us to panic so that we can find out ways to overcome these anxiety attacks. Every individual ha a personal history and reason for an attack and that reason must be faced instead of fighting against it. Once we recognize what is the problem or what our fear is, we can find out ways of overcoming that fear.

There are many ways through which one can overcome anxiety attacks or at least reduce them. By being patient and disciplined, it is possible to lead a normal life and over anxiety attacks. Here are some tips on how to do that:


Recognize the trigger

Every person has his own trigger for an attack, something which makes him scared, angry or anxious, and you have to recognize what exactly makes you so anxious that you start to have an attack. Once you are able to recognize that, we can find out ways to avoid such a situation or deal with ways that will help us overcome this feeling


Once you have recognized the trigger, you need to focus your mind on things which are pleasant and positive because diverting your mind from the source of your fear or anxiety will help you gain more confidence and make you feel in control of your emotions, instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of control


There are many self-help books and inspirational stories that you can read to get more confidence and be a stronger person. By reading about experiences of people who have gone through the same condition as yours and have been able to overcome it, you will get an insight into their minds and how they reached a stage of calm and peace

Deep breathing

This is the most effective solution to overcome an anxiety attack. Very often when someone has an attack, they forget to breathe or start to take shallow breaths, which reduces the amount of oxygen to the brain, making them dizzy, disoriented and even more panicky. Hence one should practice deep breathing during an attack and also do exercises like meditation.



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