Tips to Deal with Nervous Stomach Anxiety

Being nervous is unsatisfactory for one’s health. Overcoming nervousness is not an easy task and needs to be shed with utmost care. When you tend to feel nervous your heart beats faster, your palms sweat and you even have a cramping nervous stomach.

Many people experience such symptoms while opting for an interview or presentation or during a stressed out situation. Some overcome this nature by executing their common daily activities. It is essential to know how to deal such a situation and overcome it.

A calm nervous stomach can help you to conquer your nerves. Here are some tips to deal nervous stomach anxiety.

tips to deal with nervous stomach anxiety

How to Manage External Causes 

Evaluate your Nerves

You should have knowledge about the symptoms of nervous stomach and then proceed to calm the ailment in the best possible way. The most commonly noticed symptoms of nervous stomach system includes a fluttering butterfly feeling in the stomach, a churning feeling, nausea and

Rehearse Beforehand

If you are confident about the situation, then there is no chance of feeling nervous. For instance, if you prepare yourself from beforehand for a job interview and feel confident, then the chances of being nervous during the actual moment stands less. Always gesture your mind to be successful and confident and avoid being a victim of nervousness.

Talk Positively to Yourself

Many a time people tend to have negative thoughts in their minds during a prominent situation that give rise to nervous stomach anxiety. In order to cease such thoughts one may take up meditation. However, the most effective way to erase negative thoughts from one’s mind is to stay positive.

How to Manage your Nervous Stomach 

Acquire Breathing Techniques

A nervous stomach can be wiped away if you follow the task to take deep breaths in and relax breaths simultaneously. Intake of shallow and rapid breaths speed up the rate of one’s heartbeat. In order to reduce the effects of adrenaline that accelerates your anxiety and nervous stomach, it is necessary to study some breathing styles. The right way to breathe is through your nose and then to exhale from your mouth.

Eat Foods that Cool your Stomach

Some specific foods containing enzymes and other properties help to relax the digestive tract. For example,

  • Honey soothes and coats the stomach lining.
  • Mint and peppermint contain properties that relax smooth muscles like stomach.
  • Ginger and candied ginger helps to fight nausea.

Try to Relax your Body

You should be static with your eyes closed when you feel tensed or when your stomach acts abnormally. Try to assess the part of your body that is in tension and focus on it to ease the tension. Also, take deep breaths while you relax your arms, legs, your back and stomach. Staying focused on your body instead of the negative thoughts in mind will help you to be free from anxiety.

Following all these techniques continuously will help you to release all the tension and nervousness that affects the stomach and other organs of the body.


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