Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks can be experienced by anyone anytime when a person is extremely stressed out about something. It usually happens very suddenly leading to drastic physiological changes and its effects can be seen immediately. It is important to take action as soon as the signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack are visible because a person can even die or lose consciousness if not treated on time.

There are some people who are more susceptible to anxiety attacks than others and some may experience more intense attacks than an average human being. It all depends on their coping mechanism and how they deal with stress. The following signs and symptoms will help you recognize an anxiety attack:


Tingling sensation

A person who is experiencing an anxiety attack feels a tingling or burning sensation in his body, muscles, skin and limbs and it is one of the first signs of an oncoming attack.


The next symptom that is very common is to feel out of breath or the inability to breathe either through the nose or mouth as the wind pipe becomes compressed due to the anxiety attack.

Extreme emotions

A person who is otherwise not so emotional may suddenly feel very emotional and overwhelmed and start to get angry, depressed or scared.


He may also feel like running away and an intense feeling of escaping from the scenario where he is at present.


He may feel like something bad is going to happen to him and start to panic very intensely over something and also become very negative or pessimistic.


It is very common to see hallucinations at this stage as there is a sensory overload and the mind goes through confused thoughts and there is a general feeling of disorientation.


The person may feel a very tight pressure on his head and get serious headaches during an anxiety attack like someone is squeezing his head.

Nausea and dizziness

The lack of oxygen to the brain results in dizziness and also a feeling of nausea may be experienced.


He may start to sweat profusely and his whole body may become cold when he gets an anxiety attack.

Hearing problems

One’s ears feel like they have been stuffed with cotton or like he is on an airplane and he may experience hearing problems.


Many people also feel stomach cramps, indigestion and also get the feeling to urinate or defecate.


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