Self Help For General Anxiety Disorder

depressionA lot of things in life are very uncertain, however much planning we do circumstances intervene to change everything.

Depression can be caused by the inability to accept that we can not know everything that will happen to us.

Living with uncertainty is a part of our lives that we must learn to deal with. Those who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) will be in a near constant state of anxiety and worry about the smallest thing.

Finding techniques that will relax you could be a great help and there are various different ones available, even better take exercise that will have the same effect. Learn to know when your anxiety levels are increasing and try to take steps that you know will help you calm down.

Constant worrying and fear of the unexpected can lead to panic attacks and exasperate the problem even further. The body will be adversely affected, as your blood pressure will rise and more stress put on your heart and the rest of your organs.

Taking big deep breaths, if nothing else, slows you down and directs your attention to something other than what you are worried about. Try challenging any bad thoughts with logic. There is a lot to be said for positive thinking and seeing things from a different angle.

However much we like to be in control life is just not like that once you realize this and ask yourself how bad can it possibly be then hopefully you can start to see things for what they are.



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