Reviewing in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

stressIn order to dispose of anxiety and panic, sometimes we have to review.

Anxiety and panic stems from stress, however the origin of most problems is fear itself.

So, you have to review your mind sometimes to learn what your fears and discover a way to manage those fears.

To survive, you will need to come to agreement and accept the fears.

Fear from Terror, Horror or Fright

To learn how to handle fears that increases stress levels you have to think the reality of your fears, or the imagined fears.

For example, if your fear comes from terror, horror, or fright you need to think the real danger against the imagined danger. If you are driving down the road and hit by a vehicle, later you will have fear resulting from flashbacks of the injury, particularly so if the wreck caused injury.

The reality of your fear in this example if valid and realism exists, however at on one occasion or another you have to conquer the fear of driving again. While it is likely to have more than one crash in a lifetime, it is less likely if you study from the accident.

For instance, you could rehearse safer driving by staying alert to approaching vehicles in addition to your own actions on the road.

Fear from Other Sources

Still, fear approaches from other sources too. For instance, alarm often leads to panic. To help you see we can consider a common example.

A bill arrives in the mail and you have one week to disburse the bill, yet your finances are low. Bills are a cause to the emotions, since it threatens your security. So, many people become alarmed, panic, and feel dread. What can you do?

You can overlook the bill but it will only cause you problems. The key is to unearth resources that will help you find a way to cope with your financial problem.

Is it possible a friend or family member could loan you the money to pay the bill punctually to avoid late charges? Is it possible you could call the creditor, explain your situation, and ask for an extension? Sure, creditors will frequently work with you because they dread turning accounts over to the credit collectors. With their clients, creditors like to stay on friendly grounds.

Fear also causes Worry

Worry also result from fear, which if out of control leads to anxiety and panic. My philosophy and has proven to work is to live one day at a time and get done now what you need to accomplish, so you do not have to be afraid of it tomorrow.

I can sit around all day worrying, but in the end my health will shatter, therefore why worry when you have no evidence what tomorrow will bring you.

The main point here is you have to manage fear and stress. If you fail to manage the fear and stress, it will cause anxiety, panic, and finally phobia.

Phobias are frequently irrational fears that originate from many sources. What you can do is sit down and consider your fears to find validity.

Now take a moment and sit down, thinking of your fears. What are your fears? Are the fears logical? What are you afraid of and how can you work to reduce the fear.

After reviewing your mind, you should come up with new ideas if not you fight the mind’s ability to bring you to focus. If you find areas that frighten you, face it, rather than fear it. The more you face your fears, the better chance you have of getting rid of anxiety and panic.



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