Reducing Stress in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

In controlling anxiety and panic reducing stress or stressors can help you. Stress is changes that often cause fear, simply because people are afraid of difference.

If you learn to adjust to changes, you have a chance of disposing away of anxiety and panic. To help you understand we can review fear; stressors, stress, anxiety, panic, and how they happen.

As we drift through the paralysis of life, fear often is ingrained into our souls. Stress often occurs at what time we knowledge death in the family, injury, sickness, or other major changes.

For instance, buying a home, joining in marriage and the like often make happen stress. As you can see from the changes, most times unknown fears begin enlightening self.

Desire for Changes

Changes should be something we want desire and need. Changes are simply modifications that occur in our life. Change is great, since we learn from changes. Changes often become diverse events in our life. Change substitutes or replaces something we are use to in our life.

Change is the process of passing from one state to the next. The process of change removes something we concern, while replacing it with something we grow to relate to, thus change is good.

As we go through changes in our life, we experience deeper meaning. Deeper meaning helps us to dig up fragments of self to build a whole you. Why are you afraid of something that can make your life richer?

Sources of Fear and Stress: Changes and Indifference

As you can see, changes and indifference are the sources of fear and stress. Hence, what can we do? First, we need to turn our receptiveness into response. We need to turn apathy into sympathy. We need to turn lack of interest into interest and lack of concern into concern.

We need to dispose of the coldness in our heart and develop warmth that will help us handle the stress that is a part of our everyday lives.

Now, fear, stressors, and stress bring about anxiety. Anxiety stems from fear, worry, and concern. Consider your concerns now. What are you worried about and does it seem right.

Does any validity or reality exist in your worries? For example, possibly you are worried about paying a bill in the next few days. Instead of rattling your nerves why not, consider to find resources that can help you get the bill paid.

To help you see how this works we can consider:

Bill due next week on Friday: Stressor – Stress

Avoiding and getting rid of anxiety and panic process

Ponder: Could I call the creditor and justify my situation, letting them know I am working hard to pay the bill? Yes, I can.

Can I save through the week by cutting back on other needs, wants, etc to pay the bill? Sure, I can.

Could I pay a share of the bill if I do not have the money while giving me more time to pay the left over balance? Sure, I can.

Could I ask family or friends to loan me the cash to pay the bill? Sure, I can.

As you can see, since you are applying effort while facing your problem this will soon bring about relief. If you face your problem, it decreases stress, which in turns rids self of anxiety and panic.

Fear, stressors, stress, and anxiety cause panic attacks if not controlled. Hence, before you jump the gun, think. Use your ingenious and critical mind to pull together a solution, rather than allowing your emotions and feelings to take charge. Control your fears and emotions, before they control you!



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