Reducing Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Anxiety attacks can be experienced in different situations, like in crowds, if a person has a phobia, after a traumatic experience, after a nightmare, due to any unpleasant experience and so on. Different people have different triggers to get anxiety attacks and hence there is no fixed way to reduce these attacks but everyone can find a way best suitable for them.

Some people can have an anxiety attack at random but there are some who get frequent attacks and hence have to be more careful to avoid situations where one can get attacks.


They can get medication, counseling, try breathing tactics and many other measures. Here are a few ways by which one can reduce anxiety attack symptoms:

Make yourself comfortable

Anxiety is a state of panic and feeling distressed and in order to get rid of the feeling, one needs to make oneself or the person going through the attack as comfortable as possible. He can take off tight coats or clothes, loosen his tie and try to calm himself down by thinking of something positive in his life.


The best way to calm one down is by talking about positive and happy experiences so that the person’s mind can be diverted and he can concentrate on the good things or people in his life. By telling oneself that it is a temporary situation and the feeling will pass will make one, more confident and calm.

Deep breaths

During an anxiety attack, most people become breathless and forget to breathe properly. The best way to reduce attack symptoms is to remind the person to take deep breaths and very slowly and gently breathe to get the process under control. These relaxation techniques will help you gradually get over your panic and make you more in control of yourself.


Another way to quickly avoid an attack is to divert your mind and do something completely different so that you start thinking of something new other than the thing which is causing you so much stress, and that will give your mind time to deal with the anxiety.

Sit down

If you feel an attack coming, you must make yourself physically comfortable too and you should sit down somewhere rather than escape or run as that can cause injuries or you may also faint.


There are some pills or medication available that you can take if these tips don’t work and it will help you.

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