Preparation in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

To avoid problems preparation can help you. The world is full of stressors that often cause people to feel anxious or panic. The world has issues, such as biological weaponry, contagious diseases, biological warfare, and the like.

The issues are major concerns, however if emotions controlled our environment we would not be in survival today. Mistakes come from failing to think sensibly.

If you think, you have problems now that you cannot cope with, think about the major problems in the world, for instance war, death, disease and the like and you may find that your problems are not as big as you expected.

Problems from Thinking

Some of the biggest problems originate from thinking while using opinions, theories, guesses, suppose, and assumptions. If you look back in history you will see that the biggest mistakes started with the statement, “I think.” Thus, if these people were thinking they would not have created the problems we have today. Notice I say created.

Most people create their own mountainous problems, thus making a mountain out of a molehill. Therefore, when you think try to keep away from assuming, expecting, presuming, and supposing since it often leads to bigger problems.

Certainly, you should expect things of self; however, you should never imagine more from self than you can do. Expectations is a healthy tool we use but the world has proven faithful in mistreating the definition of the world, thus many people place high demands on self, which leads to irresistible stress.

Demand and Commands: Example

We can look at a few examples in order to help you see how we sometimes make problems bigger. However, for now, let’s believe demands and expectations for a moment. Demands are commands, insistence, claims, stipulations, wants, questions, challenges, and the like.

Demands are good, though if you start placing stipulations and challenges at high levels it usually leads to aggravation. For instance, she demanded that he give her attention, otherwise she would leave him.

This is demanding and commanding a person to give something that now he may not feel, while placing conditions, challenges, and threats on him. She is not giving him much room to prove affection.

As you can see you have to move toward situations kindly, lowly, considerately and the like to get what you want. The point is this person is acting on emotions, which causes stress and causes bigger problems.

Expectations: Example

Now we can consider expectations. Expectations summed up are hope, anticipation, belief, prospect, and probability. Become aware of the definition of expectations. What does this mean to you? The word alone often frightens the average person.

If we have hope, beliefs, prospects, and probability, we have a working mind that can accept and deal with expectations. Where is the problem? The problem is most people act on the anticipation, expecting, while moving to keenness, and when the person is comedown, they feel like a failure.

The moving inside of expectation leads to suspense, which many people find it difficult to manage their eagerness to learn what is behind the suspense. We see problems in here since stress is available, yet if we learn to organize the way we think, we can dispose of anxiety and panic. Now we can look at a few examples.

A woman accuses another woman of sleeping with her husband. She has picture of her husband and the woman jointly in a bed, yet the two are dressed. The women argue almost giving up on friendship, which later the two learn after viewing additional pictures that she did not have sexual relations. As you can see, we are creating a mountain out of a molehill.

All the person had to do in the first place prior to allowing emotions to cause stress and anxiety was to make sure the facts and reality of the cause.

Again, if you think your problems are impenetrable, think of the bigger problems in the world. Learn to prepare and think sensibly to throw away anxiety and panic.



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