Mild Anxiety Symptoms and Signs

Mild anxiety is like having a panic attack and it can strike even healthy individuals when they are very stressed about something. Our body responds to various physical and psychological factors and there may be some event which can lead to a mild anxiety attack which is more intense than the regular feeling of stress. These panic or anxiety attacks can happen any time and one needs to be aware of the symptoms because a person can lose consciousness or even die if the signs are not noticed on time. If you or a friend has a history of anxiety attacks, here are a few signs that you must always look out for and call for help if it gets too intense:

Mild Anxiety Symptoms and Signs

Burning feeling

Most people going through a mild panic attack feel a slight burning sensation all over their body and in their muscles, similar to a pins and needles sensation.

Pressure on head

The head seems to be squeezed by someone and there is intense pressure in and around the head like it has been wrapped in a towel very tightly.


All people suffering from mild anxiety feel breathless or that they cannot get air in their lungs.


The feeling of breathlessness is also accompanied by nausea and the feeling to throw up.


Most people complain of dizziness and they may also lose consciousness because the inability to breathe properly reduces the oxygen flow to the brain and make the person lightheaded. He may also lose balance and cannot stand upright.

Blood pressure

Some people feel a surge in their blood pressure while others see a sudden fall in blood pressure.

Pressure in heart

The heart beats erratically and makes the person more disoriented. You may feel a tightness in your heart as if someone is putting pressure on it or trying to choke you


Their thought may become confused and they may not know where they are, who they are talking to and may feel very emotional suddenly.


Mild anxiety instantly leads to heavy perspiration and sweating and is a very important sign of panic.

Hearing problems

Most people when very anxious feel like their ear has been blocked and they have trouble hearing, like someone has stuffed cotton in their ears.


You may also get stomach cramps, feeling of indigestion and as though your stomach is tied in a knot and a feeling to defecate or urinate.



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