How to throw away Panic and Anxiety with Anti depressant pills

Anxiety and PanicIn today’s fast-paced world, most of the people do not find 24hours a day adequate to carry out the tasks they want to.

This lack of time, load and pressure of work creates nervousness and produces panic situations. The result is mind filled of tensions and worries.

Combination of all these factors causes loss of sleep, loss of health and other kinds of mental and physical illnesses.

All these things combined drive a person to the use of anti-depressants and other medications.

n the past and an extent even now, anti-depressants have been very popular in treating stress related diseases.

Now, across the world, consuming pills is a commonly observed scene. Nevertheless, is it the correct alternative? Is there any other alternative to it?


Millions of people across the globe have been consuming anti-depressants for years and are if not totally then at least partially satisfied.

Though, anti-depressants take at least a few weeks to act on our body and a considerable number of people taking these drugs are not very satisfied.

The main problem with the general physicians is that they have very little training in the field of anxiety and panic situations treatments.

Thus, under such circumstances, it does not become difficult only for the patient but also the doctor to recommend drugs.

The point here is that it is not difficult to handle cases of high cholesterol or blood pressure or high blood sugar etc. the doctor can stipulate any particular treatment for any of these diseases because there are recognized standards.

You can take a few pills and it will come in hand. However, unlike all these depression and anxiety is a very complicated illness. It cannot be examined in a matter of a few hours and tests.

The treatment for such illnesses can continue for up to a few months or years and even the medication goes on for an equally long time.

Treatment could be very clearly inferred from here, since the results for this kind of illness are not immediate.

Physician’s Knowledge

The knowledge of the physician is an important thing in dealing with such cases. Concerning the patient, the physician dealing with such kinds of cases must be well informed of the past and all the other related events.

He must also be knowledgeable of the past illnesses and medication prescribed. It is the duty of the doctor that he must not make the patient entirely dependant on drugs.

He should also encourage the patient to endure psychotherapy as the main course of recovery and drugs should be used as a secondary curing agent.

Psychotherapy and Drugs

Latest trends have proven that when psychotherapy and drugs are used jointly, they have a far more beneficial result than with pills only.

In addition, in most of the cases of slight attack only psychotherapy should be prescribed. This would also help in keeping the patient ahead of otherwise almost addictive anti-anxiety, anti-panic drugs.

Panic and anxiety lead to depression at a later stage and are the most widespread causes of suicides. Most of the teenage suicide cases have been largely due to the factors. As such, we do not see suicides, as an inherent part of depression but it is the outcome in many a cases.

But at the end of the day it is up to you to decide whether you want to take these anti- depressant and anti-anxiety pills or not, but you must weigh the pros and cons of these medicines ahead of taking any further steps.

You must consult not just your doctor but also your parents, your friends, your spouse and everyone else you know before making a final decision.

Above all, you must be totally persuaded of your state prior to going in for any kind of therapy.



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