How To Help People With Panic Attack

Panic attacks are the result of anxiety. It may happen to you at any time even when you may think you are completely at peace. The main reason behind it is that your mind remembers a situation that causes you discomfort and gives you the feeling of getting trapped in that situation.

At such times your body reacts extremely and thus you get a panic attack. These attacks can be a onetime problem or can be recurrent causing a constant problem in your lives. These attacks are more prone in times when you are out of your comfort zone like being away from home and among strangers.

help people with panic attack


  • Away from home and in the presence of people you do not know or trust.
  • Too much exercise.
  • Driving alone.
  • Being in a crowded and noisy place.
  • Places without proper transportation that give you less chance to escape.
  • Partaking of caffeine, intoxicants or medication that can throw you off balance.

Helping Panic Attack Victims

If you see that a person is getting a panic attack you can do the following:

  • Take the person out of the room where the panic attack has happened. In many cases too much noise can cause the attack; so take her away from the noisy place to a quiet room.
  • Hold her hand in a comforting way to reassure her that you are in support of her.
  • Give her a glass of water and ask gently if she takes medicines during these situations. If she does, then look for the medicines, ask the dose and give it to her.
  • Do not speak loudly and in a complicated manner; instead keep the conversation light, gentle and in use simple sentences.
  • Say things like ‘it will be ok’ , ‘we will get through this’ , ‘how are we feeling?’ and things that will soothe her. Make sure to use ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ to give her a feeling of togetherness.
  • Do not get experimental by making conversation on off the hand topics or playing music. You do not know what has caused the panic attack and you are more likely to aggravate the situation by acting on your spurs. Be predictable.

If you know someone who gets panic attacks, encourage her to go to a doctor. There is nothing to be ashamed of and medical help will help them to get out of this situation.

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