Finding the Sources Inside of You in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

In our daily lives, stress is like changes. Everyone has to face stress and bear it. The point of the matter is how you deal with stress to lessen anxiety and panic attacks from your everyday life. Stress is there in our minds, activities, daily living, and the like.

Environmental Stresses

Environmental stresses can comprise the stresses caused because of our social and personal losses like an injury to a near and dear one or the death of someone close to you or to some exceptional bills etc.

The identification of environmental stresses can be done by the fact that they put ahead huge expectations from you. We often tolerate loud beeps at the traffic signals, peeping neighbors, expectations and stresses at work place considering them as predictable.

We so often feel that our self-confidence is being slowed down due to a fall in our performance. We seem to be losing our confidence at such times instead of reminding ourselves that regardless of any failure you remain the same person.

We should not let stress take charge of our mind and behavior because then it will lead to panic attacks and make way for anxiety.

Starting form inception in our mother’s womb, our body undergoes changes everyday. We grow upright until we reach twenty years and then make way for other directions to grow. Until we cross adolescence, we face several changes in our body Women undergo several biological transformations like periods and menopause.

We all battle the process of ageing. We all fear illness and injuries since they may make us frail and may cause physical pain. Though the process of change cannot be avoided, it can be delayed by proper diet and exercise regime. Thus, as far as possible, we must avoid harmful chemicals like cola etc.

Sources of Stress: Human Mind

The biggest source of stress is the human mind. It causes stress because it is not programmed to cope with just every kind of situation and thus, you blow off under certain conditions and don’t neglect in the other.

More often than not, our mind perceives the changes around us as negative and those, which are out there to destroy us. Stress can never be a way of life as some of the high profile corporate refers to it. It can only cause enormous damage to your body in the long run.

The mind is the lock plus the key to stress and its removal. If our mind misinterprets something then it causes emotional outbursts, anxiety, and panic. On the other hand if our mind perceives something in the way we want it to then our behavior is polite and tone happy. Therefore, it is clear that our state of mind determines our public behavior.

The results of stress caused due to misunderstand etc., are Anxiety and panic. In addition, more often than not anxiety and panic come from totally unnecessary sources like from someone who gave you a bad stare while you were walking down the lane etc.

In our relationships too concern, worries and stress result into nervousness and panic. Arguments between spouses can be on small issues as well as large ones. If they were not levelheaded enough to resolve the matter as quickly as possible then it would cause additional stress and lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

Most of the time people get anxious because they cannot accept changes as a natural course of action. They mistake them for negative and dangerous sources. Thus, prior to reacting in a stressful situation, we must accept change as a way of life.



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