Finding the “Inner Child” in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Help

Anxiety and PanicFinding your inner child and learning how to build up the inner, you could help you throw away anxiety and panic.

Many emotional problems originate from childhood memories, which some expose self while others do not.

The hidden memories are often stuck in the subliminal mind, which sends out signals in spurts giving us bits and pieces of memories. Since the person is unaware of his or her feelings, the signals disturb the mind.

Most times, it is because of the suspense the person is experiencing from the memories. Now you may ask how this relates to getting rid of anxiety and panic, but if you think about closely the logic, you will soon learn that anxiety and panic comes from the inner child within you most times.

Time to Learn

Many people fail to take time to teach self, this is one of the largest problems today. While no single person can define self in totality, it is possible to come to a term of agreement self.

As we grow in life we often, fall, achieve, experience minor/major traumas, sorrow, pain, anguish, grief, and the like. The negative energies upsurge until finally the nerves are overloaded with negative energy, which targets the emotions.

To help you observe where negative energy will arrive if you do not come to an understanding and acceptance of feelings, emotions and self we can consider.

Negative energy brings in emotions, including indifferent thinking, unconstructive minds, unhelpful sources, and often leads to putting things off or postpone.

Most people fail to set goals for self as well as plans to achieve the goals. Gloomy minds often feel depressed and will often harm self. Still, where does this negative energy come from, which often causes stress, anxiety, and panic to arise?

The problem stems back to the inner child. Our inner child affects the way we feel, think and so forth and even affects what we do.

The child within us frequently stores intimate feelings, private messages, personal experiences, secrets, and deep, hidden memories. The child within us is the result of everything we experience and is the product, which determines your outcome in life and how you manage problems.

To rid of anxiety and panic you will need to make an association with your child within and dig up some bones. To help you achieve a deal we can review an example. Yet overall, we need to establish an identity and learn to accept self and history.


A woman experiences mental suffering for a length of her lifetime. Most times her emotions spark, brief memories flash before her mind, and stress, anxiety and panic sets in.

Each time she experiences the anguish, she feels stressed, anxious, and panicky. The woman is unaware of what is causing her distress, and later is exposed to hypnotherapy. After she undergoes hypnosis the woman’s child memories reveals a deep, dark, and hidden secret.

The secret is a painful experience, yet the woman still does not know what worried her. All she sees is her self at a younger age standing in a meadow peering into a white cabin in the pasture, fists balled and crying copiously.

She learns to accept that something happened and that in time she will learn the truth of what came out in the session.

This woman has taken the first step to explore, understand, and accept her child within, irrespective of how painful the memories may be. She is ready to face her emotions, thus this woman has eliminated stress, and ridding self of anxiety and panic attacks. In other words, we must find the truth to put the mind free.



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