Facing Reality in How to Get Rid of Panic and Anxiety

AnxietyDo you face reality or find excuses to prevent reality? If you often find excuses to avoid reality possibly, you may need to sit down and scan your mind.

Examples of excusing reality often come from hidden and unrevealed memories.

Sometimes we disassociate from reality. When this happens, we have to learn to unite with the realities that eliminate panic and anxiety.

To help you see what excusing reality can cause and what types of reality we often disassociate we can consider.

Sometimes we acquire excessive desires for approval from others because we strive to keep secrets in the mind.

Beliefs are often misconstrued here, since often the secrets is hiding truths of family mental institution, illegal behaviors, alcohol or drug addictions and so forth.

The deal is it is wrong and unsafe to keep such secrets while cramming the mind with junk. My father is a paranoid schizophrenia and has been institutionalized scores of time, but the truth is I can use his experiences to help others.

I am no shame in telling your or anyone else about his situation, thus I have nothing to cover. See how easy this was. You can do it too by accepting the facts, and using them to gain.

If you hide alcoholism and drug, addictions how in the world do you expect the person to get help. Actually, you are only sitting everyone up for a great fall. Likely court and jail will arise in the future, thus your secret is unrevealed.

Why cause problems when you do not have to, more willingly tell the truth, and allow your mind freedom. This is all a part of eliminating anxiety and panic.


Rigid minded people often cause self-problems; since the person will lead self into thinking in ‘black-n-white,’ denying feelings, placing high prospect on self, or else venture off to controlling and dominating others.

This leads to major problems, thus anxiety and panic is strong in this way of thinking. Often this happens when a child has to take on a parent role regularly.

Senses of rejection often strike nerves and cause a person to panic often and feel anxious. Most times this problem occurs when parents desert children without explaining why, or else the parent is present yet refuses to attend to the child’s need.

This grows into adulthood, which leads to major disorders of the mind. To eradicate panic and anxiety, acceptance is needed.

You cannot change the fact that your parents discarded you at a youthful age, but you can make changes in your life now so that neglect is not an issue. Learn to accomplish your life with helpful influences.

Youthful Body and Emotions

At what time a person is youthful of his own body and emotions it often leads to major turmoil, including anxiety and panic. This is a major problem since nearly all homes fail in many areas to notify children of their mind, body, and emotions.

Most times the parents do not know them self, since they lack the skill or will to investigate and learn. Thus, if you are capable take some time to learn about emotions, thoughts and the body so that you can grow to agree to changes that comes your way.

Denial is a foremost problem in the world that has claimed many peoples’ nerves. Most time people are in rejection over simple things that could be resolved immediately. Sometimes denial is deeper; hence, you need to dig deep, sift through the mud, and face the reality.

Remember, reality, you dealt with in the past is done and over with…so why let it manage you now.



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