How to Deal with your Travel Anxiety

Some people keep postponing their travelling because of the fear of getting anxiety attacks during travel. Anxiety attacks come because of the fear of the unknown. The symptoms may be as simple as sweating or may be as grave as throbbing of your heart.

There may be many reasons of getting the panic attacks, such as moving far away from the security and safety of your home, stories heard earlier about mishaps, or remembrance of some early bad incidence that happened etc.  Anxiety attacks while travelling are very difficult to tolerate, as you try to hide it from your fellow passengers too.

deal with your travel anxiety

How to Handle your Anxiety During Travelling

Many strong and brave people also get these anxiety attacks. So it is not a sign of weakness or ill health and can be managed if handled wisely. Here are a few tips.

Plan Well in Advance

Make a good plan for your entire trip. Try to make all arrangements and bookings in time. Keep all the contact numbers safely with you. Prepare a check list of the things you need to carry so that you may not be afraid of forgetting your essential packing such as medicines etc. Finish packing a few hours before you start the journey, this will keep you relaxed before starting the trip.

Find out your Fears

If you have had an anxiety attack earlier, don’t be afraid of getting it again on your next tour, but try to find out the thoughts that keep troubling you when you start travelling. Find out the questions that trouble you while on tour, such as whether you are afraid of going out of your home, whether you are afraid of travelling by plane because of turbulence etc, or whether you are afraid of the people you have left behind.

Thinking about these questions beforehand will give you enough time to find solutions to your problems, so that you feel relaxed before travelling and don’t get those panic attacks.

Don’t Avoid your Tour

If you silently keep avoiding your tour and your fears, you will never be able to overcome them. So face them. Tell yourself that there is a solution to every problem and you can handle them well. You will be ‘reinforcing’ your fear, by avoiding it. Try to discuss it with your doctor too.

Take Long Breaths

If you feel you are getting an anxiety attack, calm down yourself, sit and slowly start taking long deep breaths.

Distract your Mind

If you feel you are prone to getting anxiety attacks during travelling, try to distract your mind from the symptoms by getting busy with something else, such as talking to someone travelling with you, reading a light book, listening to music etc.

Don’t Fight with your Symptoms

Do not try to fight with your anxiety symptoms and try to suppress them, but rather let them pass. This will give you confidence that you have hold over your symptoms and you will overcome them soon.

Any kind of anxiety is related to your mind only and therefore you can overcome them easily by pacifying your mind and feeling relaxed by telling yourself that you are strong and you can overcome it.


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