Coping Skills in throwing away Anxiety and Panic

Each time your emotions roar do you panic. Can you deal with your stress? If not listen up because if you do not learn how to cope you will be at the doctor’s office regularly fighting disease, injury and illness. Stress if not restricted can cause recurring diseases and stress disorders.

Irresistible stress can cause us to feel eager, which if unrestrained could cause panic attacks. If you fail to cope with stress, the anxiety and panic attacks will produce chemical imbalances and so on. Therefore, ask can you cope with stress.

Sources of Stress

Stress comes from many sources. Stress often occurs when we feel pressured or strained. After pressure starts, it starts to make us feel anxious. The trick is to realize worry or nervous tension is underlying the problem, therefore we need to learn to handle nervous tension and constant worrying.

In our daily lives, we all go through changes, and some of us face traumas, which intensify the stress level. All the hassles we deal with daily causes us to overemphasis, and place higher importance on things we need to disregard.

We place weight on the head by refusing to see if the danger posed to the mind is real or imagined. We find it difficult to cope, since our urgencies overweigh the irrelevance of the changes. What can you do?

First, you need to be eager to make changes and accept those changes. You will need to adjust your lifestyle to a healthier way of living. The changes include reducing bills, slow spending, and make new friends, change influences and the like.

You will also need to change your habits, as a minimum those that cause you harm. Change is difference and most people find it difficult to face difference. To help you see how this is true we can think about difference in full light.


Difference overall boils down to change, which includes all aspects our lives, e.g. everyday you change your clothes which makes you look unusual whether you know it or not.

To help you learn how you manage stress we can consider a short test. Do not let the word scare you since you do not have to worry about scores in this test. The test is, based on recent experiences.

  1. Name your circumstances today in your working environment. Is the situation better or worse?
  2. What is your sleeping patterns been like in the last few months, e.g. do you sleep more or less?
  3. What are your diets and how have they changed in the past few months?
  4. What are your dressing patterns? Do you dress to meet fads or to please self?
  5. What is your financial status? Are your struggle or have you noticed changes?
  6. Do you have troubles with the law?
  7. How is your family condition?
  8. Do you engage in social activities?

After answering, the questions think about the changes that has occurred in your life to reach your conclusion. If you answered in question one that your work situation is better, thus it shows you are making improvements.

If not then you will need to get what is wrong to resolve the problem and make your work environment more enjoyable to you. If you are losing sleep, you need to catch what you are doing to cause the problem.

Lack of sleep will increase stress, thus finding the problem can help you dispose of anxiety and panic. You might want to consider nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and the like to decide what the problem is so that you can sleep more easily at night.



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