Considering Protective Disposing Away Of Anxiety And Panic

Anxiety PanicProtective is a defense mechanism we have surrounded by us.

Protective extends further however, since it is a caring nature, shielding and protecting defender.

What does this have to do with anxiety and panic? Everything!

You will find fewer problems, if you learn to protect self.

For instance, if you learn that drinking extremely causes harm you will slow down, thus protecting self.

This will reduce anxiety and panic.

Likewise, if you smoke you will cause panic and anxiety to increase, since it will affect your health, thus, you are not protecting self.

Most times, people deal with dread, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, and the like failing to see the reality and expected triggers that excite the emotions.

Most times the person will run to flee the feelings, rather than learning to deal with them as they come along.

Real Fear

When you come face to face with a serial killer panic is real, however panic is not real when a bill comes along and you have less than a week to pay the darn thing. Most times, if you bring to light resources, ask questions and the like you will find a solution to your problem.

Likewise, fear is real when you come face to face with a rapist or murderer; however, when you have a bill fear is not real. Bills are a part of life, and most times when we do not have the money now we can make arrangements. Thus, think before you allow panic and anxiety to monitor your life.

To see how protection and how to protect self works us can consider logic, truths, and reality: I am a firm believer that reality, truth, and beliefs are helpful tools in eliminating many problems, in return eliminating stressors.

Therefore, we are going to take a test.


I have the choice to settle what is right for me and what affects my life. True or False

Did you know your choices in life often are compressed down by influences? You do have limited choices, but most of all your choices are controlled.

Did you know that most people could care less about what happens to the next person? Yes or No

IT is a fact that most people will not leave of their way to care for you as a person. History shows this logic plain and clear.

By means of hereditary, we are all related in some way or another. True or False

Yes, we are all related, since the first creation of man’s roots or genes come forward to us all.

Do the dead go to hell or heaven? Yes or No

No, the dead are buried and conscious of nothing, which you can check the facts.

Notice the last question is in the form of religion. Why? Because in the form of religion most problems come from misbelieves in religion form. Thus, it pays to study, learn, and weigh out the truths, since false religion is one of the primary sources that cause many problems.

Still, we want to consider other issues that we have. The mind is full with influences, false beliefs and the like. Thus, you have to found truth within you and remove the lies to help ease the mind. Lies is evil, thus removing them will help you get rid of anxiety and panic.

Overall, to avoid panic and anxiety, you have to defend self and your mind and body from harmful elements of life. Still, at some point or another you will experience chaos, yet it is up to you to deal with it, or let it deal with you.



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