Causes in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety DisordersConsider
According to experts, if you have a higher level than average to create you may have anxiety and panic disorders.

Few experts believe that self-defeating behaviors, activities and the like comprise self in this symptom.

For instance, an overly creative person according to experts will kill time thinking about a series of possibilities, such as what if I die tomorrow.

Some experts believe that this creative mind will sit around imagining self-dying resulting from the first self-defeat action.

What happen if you were to die tomorrow? Would you be prepared? Now if you sit around ongoing thinking what if you die tomorrow then you would have a problem.

If the world ended tomorrow, what happen? Logic tells us that the world could end tomorrow, thus are you prepared. Preparing self for the expected has nothing to do with disorders, since it is common, however is a person sits around all day acting out in his/her mind what ifs and not using the mind constructively, thus this person has anxiety and panic issues.

Do you think rigid? In thinking of alternatives, is your mind unbending? Do you have a rigid mind that refuses to see past a simple answer? Are you firm with your conclusions? Most times people with rigid minds will think with high expectations, and will use the term can’t frequently.

You can take the “T” and apostrophe out of can”t and discover you can.

From others do you often seek approval? Do you need others to point out your self-worth? Do you fear rejections? Do you fear criticism? Do you find it difficult to tell someone no? When others are to blame, do you blame self? Do you place higher importance on someone else’s needs over your own? Remaining sad for yourself, do you strive to keep others happy?

If you seek approval often then you need to work on your confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. This will help you get rid of panic and anxiety. You need to work on healthier qualities, including confidence to eliminate anxiety and panic, if you need others to point out your self-worth.

If you fear rejections, you need to use your mind to consider truly, what rejections are before fearing something that just might be in your favor.

Most people view no or rejections as negative responses, rebuffs, refusals, denial, and so forth. If you let them too, the fact is rejections can work for you.

For instance, he told her that she could not go spend time with her friends. The man makes a concrete decision based on consequences, experiences and the like while discovering that the friends pose a potential threat to the wives future.

Since he fails to see his reasoning, she sees this as a rejection. This is an “I care” gesture rather than a rejection. If you fear criticism likely, you are failing to see that criticism is sometimes good while it seems demeaning.

Often this person needs help dealing with historic events that encountered in their life, thus helping them to find acceptance.

You may want to consider digging up old memories to find the source, if you take the blame for someone else’s wrong instead of your own. Most times over scolding, punishment and the like is behind this problem. We need to find the problem, accept it, bury it, and move ahead.

If you place higher importance over other peoples’ needs rather than your own, likewise you need to consider past experiences that could cause the problem. If you want to clear of anxiety and panic you, need to learn to think for self, face your fears and build the mind to work more productively.



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