Cause and Effect in discarding Anxiety and Panic

If you have the cause then I have effect, so perhaps we can pull them together to dispose of anxiety and panic. What is your reason? What are the grounds you stand? What sources cause you to panic and feel anxiety? What is the root of your problems? Do you have a foundation that gives you origin to feel panicky and anxious?

What did you make happen? What did you bring about? Did you produce a chaos that struck the emotions causing you panic and anxiety? What trigger did you set off? You had to bring about something, now take responsibility, and own up.

Did someone else set off the trigger? Sometimes this happens; still you have to take liability somewhere, since if you struck out in anger, while allowing stress to overwhelm, you lost control of your emotions.

The many situations that go on in life makes me surprise if we even have a future. Many people may act disgracefully instead of allowing their mind to control itself in existence. In other words, I am going to kick your ass. This statement is common, and most times the person saying it is in charge for his own anger. Don’t resort to violence, rather grow up, and resort to intelligence. Some people sit around saying:

I am in a financial situation now that I cannot get out of; my nerves are shot and I cannot hold it anymore. I think I am going to die. They are going to throw me behind bars and throw away the keys. Does this sound informal to you?

I am too minutes from going to jail, since the judge sentenced me today, telling me that I am to spend one year in jail.

My kids are getting on my nerves; I don’t know what to do anymore. I think I will just quit and walk away from my responsibilities and let someone else deal with them.

Are you starting to think now? Answer the questions by reading from the beginning, and tell me what you find. You will probably find many causes and effects; however, you will also see that sometimes we have control and sometimes we do not.

Now, if you want me to tell you how to dispose of anxiety and panic, then you have to work with me. I said, what is your responsibility? What did you do to cause the effects of anxiety and panic? Possibly you did not cause them, but perhaps you are not dealing with the situation well. We have a source, so let’s get to the root.


Testing, testing…pull out that brainpower since I will need you to help me if you want to get rid of anxiety and panic. We need to stop resorting to stupidity and get on the road to recovery, thus healing from denial. Is anyone in there? I said come out of denial. If you want to get rid of stressors, which increase stress and avoid panic and anxiety then you have to face reality.

Terrifying the majority of people, reality is a strong word. If you think not, then ask why Bush was on a golf course during the terrorist attack rather than finding a way to resolve the problem, he was ignoring reality making you think he had a plan? No, instead, he made it bigger and we are still at war as a result.

What am I talking about? Decisions, responsibility, and reality; along with a variety of other details that should help you to see how to get rid of anxiety and panic.



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