Breathing Techniques in throwing away of Anxiety and Panic

Breathing Techniques Breathing into Stomach

During a panic attack, one of the most essential things that you must attempt to do is to organize your breathing.

Although it is rather difficult and it may not strike your mind at first but is extremely helpful in calming down your body and your emotions.

All those who suffer from panic attacks will inescapably suffer from an increase of oxygen flow into their blood and making their hear work more than normal. Such people must learn how to ‘breathe into their stomach’.

Slow Breathing

To help people halt panic attacks and prevent them from recurring, slow breathing into the stomach has shown good results. Although it is a good technique for lessening anxiety and panic, it can be difficult for a beginner to learn.

People with difficulty like panic or anxiety always breathe into their chests. In addition, telling such people during a panic situation to try to breathe into their stomach could increase the already tense situation.

Instead, once they are back to a normal temper one must tell them to practice breathing into the stomach. The learning and practicing part is important so that whenever you have the next panic attack you can immediately start breathing into your stomach.

Following are some useful tips that you might find in learning and application of breathing into your stomach.

Lie down on the bed with your chest facing upwards. Now place one of your hands firmly onto your stomach and the other one lightly onto your stomach.

Breathe in heavily and try to focus only on allowing your stomach to fill with air and not your chest. The idea here is to ensure that maximum amount of air that you inhale goes into your stomach and minimum to the chest.

The aim should be to breathe only six-eight times per minute. Try to maintain a very relaxed state of mind and body during the entire process, with the intention that you do not feel anxious:

In case you still cannot do this try to use a weight a weight on your stomach. Use a book or anything between 4-6 pounds and do again the process as stated above. Concentrate on allowing the weight rise when you take in air.

Well if even that does not work for you then try to get down on all four just like a cat. In such a position, the chest is, forcibly shut in one place and forces the stomach to suck in the air you breathe in. like both the above methods this one too should be done with very relaxed state of mind and body.

Try to do these for few minutes at first and then you can graduate to up to 15-20 minutes at a stretch. Once you have reached this level try to do it while sitting upright and then while standing and preferably while you are walking.

After you master all of the techniques you should try to do this different situations like while sitting in your office or in your car etc. Such exercises will help you in coping much better in certain similar environments.

Though this is good technique and does not reason much strain, you should not try to go overboard or try to progress too quickly. Just go steadily.

Also, get a help from a friend or someone nearby to help you while you are practicing. It helps to have someone else watch your breathing and then commanding you to do it correctly.



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