Being You in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and PanicTest

Did you notice the word testing? Did it panic you? Well, do not worry, since the test required of you is simple, straightforward and will test your abilities, skills, qualities, and success.

Measuring your level of discomforts: Test

Do you panic each time a problem comes around? Yes or No

Do you feel extremely uncomfortable dealing with confrontations and problems? Yes or NO

Do you feel slight discomforts while coping with problems or confrontations? Yes or NO

Do you feel comfortable dealing with problems and/or confrontations? Yes or No

  1. You will need to learn to understand, accept, and work with your uneasiness, if you panic each time a problem comes around. Thus, you are afraid of your discomfort, since you are not, connected with your body and mind.
  1. If you feel extremely uncomfortable dealing with confrontations and problems, you will need to learn from the first recommendation, i.e. learning to accept your discomforts, yet you will need to realize that confrontations and problems are not all bad. In other words, constructive and positive thinking can lessen your stress level when problems and confrontations come around.
  1. If you feel minor discomforts while confronting or dealing with problems, thus, you are doing ok, however to improve your level of stress, you can learn from answers one and two.
  1. If you feel comfortable dealing with problems, discomforts, and confrontations, continue what you are doing while learning to grow to success.

Test Ability for Situations Handling

Do you fear at what time you travel a few extra miles away from home? IS your level of discomforts non-existing, mild, or extreme?

Do you feel uncomfortable when on the phone talking to answering machines?

Do you find it difficult to meet people for the first time?

Do you feel uncomfortable while walking by yourself?

Do you feel uneasiness while in crowds?

Can you go to a restaurant or movie on your own without worrying?

How do you feel while dating a new person?

If you panic each time, you travel further than a few miles away from home you will need to check your imagination to ensure you have reality in check.

You will also need to find comfort in your discomfort to dispose of anxiety and panic. This applies to mild and extreme cases; those of you feeling comfortable can turn to advice on other fears.

If you feel uncomfortable talking into answering machines, you may want to search your mind to learn why. This is one of my problems, often because it frustrates me that I cannot talk to a person.

I have many reasons and issues to overcome to battle this problem myself, so what I suggest to you is exploring why, when, and what.

Do you find it difficult to meet people for the first time? I had this problem, and it was major big. Often I would panic and feel anxious when a new person came along.

What I did may not work for you, but hey, I will give it to you anyway. First, I was brought up by a paranoid schizophrenia that punished me while talking to other people, and forbidden me from getting to know others.

I had to drop the wall my father’s disease planted in my mind. Thus, learn to tell self it is safe and that you have permission to meet anyone you like. Remember, most people meeting you are nervous too, therefore relate, and associate.

If you feel uncomfortable while walking alone, again you want to check your imagination for reality to see if true danger is present. If you feel uncomfortable in crowds, consider at some point in time you will be in crowds, thus learning to feel comfortable with your discomfort can help.

If you can go to a restaurant or movie alone without worrying, read about how to cope and understand fear of what you are afraid of, instead of taking advice on the topic.

If you feel comfortable on a first date, thus you relate to your discomforts well. Remember, most of us are uneasy on any first date, but it is how you deal with it that determines your level of anxiety and panic. Just be you and you will do well.



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