Basket Cases in How to discard Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety & PanicToday I am a basket case, since not only did I have to stress to get my work done, I had to manage two emotional based people.

What an emotional trip we often fear. If I had a dime for each time, I had to handle someone else’s emotions, let alone my own I would be the wealthiest woman in the world at present.

Rather than writing about emotions, panic, and anxiety, I would probably be someone in the world escaping the process of completing the project.

Woo…what did I just say? Oh, escaping, not… you will spend the course of your life worrying, panicking, and feeling anxious, if you are constantly trying to escape responsibility.

Now, you see what it takes to throw away anxiety and panic. Oh, you do not, well then let me continue.

Wrapped up in a stick of dynamite, life is a bundle of joy. If you sit down and think about the many problems the world faces today, you will see that many of our world leaders, spiritual groups, and people in society live and die to articulate emotions.

The emotions expressed by the people most times are in a negative pattern that often leads to war, religious battles, death, murder, and the like. If you continue, you will see that you are not the only one in the world living on emotions and fear, thus everyone next to you is battling the same queue. Welcome to reality.

Reality is a life of entertainment comprising many beliefs, ethnics, race, groups, backgrounds, history, and the like. If you review the entire course of history, you will see few ever learn from it, yet many will tell you to learn from their mistakes.

What, hypocrite get the toothbrush out of your own mouth before you go plucking the toothbrush from my mouth. As you can see anyone can tell you anything and everyone can tell you all things, yet it takes you to make a decision. What, what do you mean decide? I have a choice.

Choices in Life

We all have choices in life, with the exceptions. Choices give us options or selections. We develop preferences when we have options and selections. Preferences are favorites, which often cause conflicts because many people cannot determine preferences void of partiality.

Partiality is prejudices, which are preconceptions, bias, and most times a leaning on invalid reality. It is devoid of facts. Therefore, we need preferences, but we need reality too.

Therefore, find your fondness in life without adding prejudice to the cup of tea. I enjoy pointing out logic to people, since many miss the point. I’ve noticed many emotional suffering people in society that find it difficult to find their place in life, which leads to stress, anxiety, and panic.

The cause for additional stress with most of people is they spend the course of their lifetime doing what others want them to do. Do you get the point? You have a choice in life and that choice is to be you without being afraid of whom you are.

I can go on forever, however you are getting on my nerves, which is causing me anxiety and panic, along with the backer stress. Just kidding, can’t you take a joke? Did you not take reality? What is your choice? Are you a basket case? If you are a basket case drag your emotions and mind together and come up with a solution to remove your anxiety and panic, otherwise I am leaving you alone.

I cannot make you do anything, but I can tell you this, if you do not gain control now, you will not see control and will often panic and feel anxiety.



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