A Better You in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic

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You cut down anxiety and panic with working. Each one of us, everyday, were targeted often by leaders of stress namely Stressors.

For instance, while dealing with interferences and interruptions, I work hard to complete batches of articles.

People come to my door wanting to chat, get me out of the house, or waste my time asking for help.

Since I am a nice person, they can easily taken advantage with me if I allow them. Instead, I let people know that I have a job, a life, plans and goals and that I have less time than the normal. I inform them that I do not want out of the house; otherwise, I would be running around all day.

I inform them strongly that I am working toward my future, and while I understand their consideration, I am comfortable in my position. In bettering you and getting rid of anxiety and topic, asserting self, standing up, and fighting to reach your goals is ultimate.

Remove Stressors

Taking action is the method of bettering self for a successful future. By taking action, you can find it easier to remove stressors. If I permitted someone to take control of my life, I could spend a lifetime crying each time, but instead, I control my own life and have no problem letting anyone know it.

Certainly, things come up we must deal with that interferes and interrupts our lives, however by dealing with it now you can put an end to the problem later.

Stressors are nasty little critters that work for us or against us. You will have a friend, if you learn to minimize stressors, since when stress steps in, you will not often feel anxious or panic. Now to detect how you deal with stress, take the test.


  • Do you place high importance on small problems making them bigger? If you answered yes, prior to jumping to conclusions, you need to check your mind carefully.
  • Do you often place high importance on unimportant issues? Do you disassociate from triviality, i.e. do you let the little things go? If you answered yes to one then learn what is important to you.

If you said yes to the second question then you are working to better self, since you are not sweating the small stuff.

Questionnaire and Answers

Asking questions and searching for answers can help you to avoid stressors, overwhelming stress, anxiety, and panic. Once you ask questions and look for answers, you will grow into imagination, which is a healthy state of mind.

While learning inventiveness, resourcefulness enables you to use ingenuity and imagination. You will find originality, which is a high praiseworthy quality that we all seek. In other words, you creative mind will look at possibilities, learn to weigh consequences and so forth, reducing stress, anxiety and panic.

Finding of something new in your life especially about you is known as the originality. As you develop your imagination, you will soon find out how the mind’s eyes work. The step to better you clears the mind, reducing stress on the head and enforcing your thoughts to flow freely. Take the test.

Imagine feeling better about self in the next few weeks. Imagine self-smiling, feeling good, and not fearing anxiety and panic. Keep going while telling you that from now on “I anticipate working toward a better me.

I am not going to allow stressors, stress, anxiety, and panic to manage my life.” Now, to achieve your newfound goal for a better you, imagine self-doing it, while planning actions and steps.



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