What is Wrap Rage and How to Deal with it?

‘Wrap rage’ is also termed as package rage which describes the extraordinary fury resulting from the inability to open tough packages. For instance, heated plastic blister packs and clamshells are packed rigidly that requires tremendous effort to unlock. Often it is observed that people succumb to injuries or sprain wrists from the tools used to open packages.

Further it is noticed that the items tend to get damaged while freed from packages. Although it is a satisfactory factor for companies to secure their products through firm packaging, it would be easier to handle with less effort if packed according to the consumer’s comfort.

what is wrap rage and how to deal with it

Rigidly Packed Products that Provide Discomfort to Consumers may be Listed as Under:

  • Hard plastic packages in Clamshell require razors, tools or electrical goods.
  • Yogurt pots with foil lids are to be pulled so hard that there stands a risk of it to explode on the face.
  • Plastics that are wrapped on CD cases.
  • Tins with a loop.
  • Plastic security seals on medicine bottles.
  • Resalable food bags are hard to open and often damage the bag.
  • Plastic food bags that are heat sealed on all sides.
  • Peel off foil lids where it is difficult to see where to peel from
  • Tight lidded jam bottles

How to Deal with Wrap Rages?

Here are some ways you can follow:

Packaging Designs

Although there are many possible solutions that allow easy access to packed contents, the risk of shoplifting and pilferage exceeds. Most of the companies are mainly concentrating on the comfort of their consumers and have started to design their packaging system in a convenient manner. The consumers, retailers and senior citizens who find it increasingly difficult to unlock items have raised pressure to improve the quality of packaging. Presently, there are several methods available to open up the packaging of items easily with the help of perforation, tear tapes and break open components.

Using a Can Opener

One of the easiest ways that people use to open their blister packs is by a manual can opener. It is held on one side and is worked along the item to be opened. You can also use the can opener on the three sides and use a knife to finish off the corner parts.

Some Useful Tools

Sometimes scissors or kitchen knives help to open rigid packaging. Tin snips are very helpful for tough plastics. However, these hard packages can also be opened with the help of an ordinary household can opener.

Use Sharp Scissors

Always use a sharp scissor while opening any package. This is because if the scissor is not sharp enough, then your hands tend to get sore and tired which will ultimately lead to frustration of the person.

It is the duty of the companies to make their packaging easier so that one can easily open it up without much stress. If the consumer feels satisfied by the use of a product, then he is sure to recommend the same to the next consumer which will lead to company’s profit.


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